By Bob Katzen

Governor Charlie Baker announced the launch of “RESPECTfully,” a $500,000 statewide public awareness and prevention campaign to promote healthy relationships among middle school and high school students. The campaign’s goal is to promote healthy relationships among young people and prevent sexual assault and domestic violence.

Provisions include increasing awareness about what constitutes a healthy relationship by defining characteristics using examples of acceptable vs. unacceptable behaviors; focusing on promoting healthy relationships and confronting the issues around healthy boundaries and behaviors while communicating key components around respect and honesty through short videos with modern animations conveying a clear message on social media platforms that teens are using every day; and encouraging parents, caregivers and adults in youth-serving organizations (educators, mentors and school resource officers, among others) to have open, honest, non-judgmental and continuous conversations with youth about respect in friendships and romantic relationships

“The ‘RESPECTfully’ campaign builds upon the hard work that Lt. Gov. Polito and the [Governor’s] Council have done to address prevention, protect Massachusetts’ youth and expand programs for survivors,” said Gov. Baker. “I am proud to launch this initiative to provide children in Massachusetts with the tools they need to succeed and encourage parents and youth-serving organizations to engage and promote the campaign throughout the commonwealth.”

The campaign spots will be on social media channels including Instagram, Snapchat and YouTube from the end of May through October. The campaign images will also appear on transit stations, Registry of Motor Vehicle locations, MassPort Digital Panels, convenience stores and billboards throughout the state.

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