Somerville Speakup Line:Shared Memories Posted by SHS Class of 77 Graduate

Dear Billy T and Somerville Speakup Line,

This was posted by A Graduate of the Class of 1977 Somerville High School. Brought a flood of memories of Trum Field back. Maybe you can use it in your Paper so other Somervillians can get that warm feeling as I did.

Jeanne Cooper Walsh


Posted of Facebook by John Reidy

So many memories playing on this field. So many friends made from wins and losses. Tears and cheers came often here. So many of those who coached us are now gone. Some who played side by side are gone.

The tears came suddenly thinking of all that happened here. The lives built and the lives lost. It was the center of the city, center of most of our worlds.

In the end, nothing can replace it. It was empty this morning, when I sat waiting to work just up the street. Coffee in hand, I will never forget all that happened on these grounds, the friends, the competitors. The wins and the losses.

Trum Field was our home.

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