Somerville Speakup Line:City Is Out Of Control

Dear Billy T and Somerville Speakup Line,

The City of Somerville is such a disaster. Politicians are more concerned about bike lanes, the green line that’s far too overpriced to be even closely considered fiscally responsible, new eateries, low income housing, potholes they won’t fix, rats they won’t address, illegal immigrants they shield, closing major streets for a year or more, crushing small, resident-owned small businesses and flooding residential streets with vehicular traffic they don’t deserve and shouldn’t safely handle, taxing the residents more and more (especially if you’re a homeowner- nice job on that transfer tax attempt when you tried to gain more votes from progressive renters since they far outnumber homeowners) but today a close family member found three hypodermic needles behind her house when she was playing with her toddler, also my family member. So I ask elected officials in Somerville…what is happening? Safe injection sites are NOT the answer. How about something proactive to protect the citizens of the City of Somerville from these people? It’s not a disease so enough with that nonsense. Politicians need to stop catering to a specific type of person and forget about begging for votes. Do your jobs and protect and serve the people. Enough is enough. This city isn’t Wellesley no matter how much you try to mask it’s real problems.

Tommy O’Connor

Mark Niedergang that’s ok. I was just trying to make sure it was made known. This city is still ridden with crime problems that continue to go either unaddressed or ignored to focus on things such. Speaking on the Ball Sq Bridge closure to implement a Green Line extension that is so far over budget…how is that working out for Sassafras Bistro and Bar? I think that’s in Ward 5, correct? They closed already due to the main street running through Somerville closing for at least a year. That might be one issue to address. I have the utmost respect for any elected official who serves his or her community, regardless of my political views. I know we are probably polar opposites politically but I still respect that hard work you do for your community for very little City Council salary compared to the work you all put in. But I will leave you with this- my point is why isn’t addressing multiple instances of hypodermic needles in parks a more pressing issue than working on a Tree Preservation Ordinance, 16 and 17 year old voting, union square development (going on its 15th year of discussion and 1st year if traffic gridlock), et al. My second sentence about what some politicians here are more concerned about was pretty much just validated. I just disagree that working on what you mentioned is more important than hypodermic needles in parks one day before the first nice weekend of the year but that’s just me I guess. My city councilor is one of the beat that board has ever had and he is well aware of it and working on it. I just felt the need, out of safety for the city’s children, to tag local politicians to whom I am connected on Facebook.

This city has a median household income now similar to very well off suburbs (such as Wellesley) yet still has crime typical of Boston’s neighborhoods, as evidenced as the recent shots fired report in Tufts Street. So when I say that I believe the focus is not always on the areas of importance, that’s what I mean. These types of crimes seem to be ignored by some politicians with a “hear no evil, see no evil” mentality while our amazing Somerville Police Dept continues to work understaffed to try to keep this city safe. I would much rather my tax money go to paying for more police officers on the street than bike lane studies or those hideous looking traffic posts that popped up over night a few weeks ago when someone tried to reinvent the wheel regarding traffic safety. Oh, and while I’m at it, the bike lane use or registration fee that’s being talked about is egregious. I’m not a “bike laner” but taxing people to use their bicycles on a public roadway is a ridiculous. It’s almost as crazy as Mayor Walsh wanting to tax people who drive in Boston just for driving in Boston, but I digress.

I don’t always disagree with you and I applaud you for responding as quickly and thoroughly as you did. Enjoy your day, sir.

Tommy O’Connor

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  1. How about asking pedestrians and bicyclists to pay attention to walk and don’t walk signals. That might be a good beginning for street safety issues. Also remind pedestrians when crossing streets at night they are frequently not seen due to oncoming vehicles from the other direction which almost renders them invisible to drivers. Make sure a car is coming to a stop before you step in front of them. A few seconds of caution could save a life.

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