Somerville Speakup Line:Disturbances at Argenziano School

Dear Billy T and Somerville Speakup Line,

The bullying at this school is outrageous. My son is a victim of it daily, and the Principal thinks it is just kids being kids, but when my child is coming home daily upset and scared to go to school, that is called, BULLYING. There is a defined line of who is treated one way and who is treated another way this school, and if you fall under the wrong category; it’s hopeless. We relocated to Somerville a few years ago to give our son a chance at a safe environment and a good school system, instead, he has received daily bullying and fear in school.


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  1. Child bullies grow up to be adult bullies; just a bigger playground. The laws should apply to ALL AGES.

  2. Omg This is a discrace I’ll tell u if my kid was getting bullied I would make sure who ever was bulling him would surely make sure he got seriously bullied so he would never bully anyone again just take care of the problem yourself. Court’s r currupt police in Somerville P D some of them or should I say who ever get bullied by the mayor,If your Mayor is a bully What’s that say !!!!!

    1. Curetone family Bullied there elder Mom then shipped her back to Italy Sister in law and looks like they r bulling the whole city of Somerville .looks like everyone is afraid of the curetone bullies

  3. My child was all so bullyed at this school . They never did anything about it. We have no tolerance for bullying my thought they pass the law against it maybe he’s teachers and principles need to be retrain in how to protect our children school is supposed to be a safe place when they are not at home we’re we also are kids love and support and respect.

  4. When it comes to bullying i dont think the schools address the issue and just push it aside as kids being kids. It is not kids being kids when a child comes home from school afraid or hurt physically or emotionally My grandson was being bullied last year and he was only in preschool. He went from loving school to being afraid. One day he spent his entire recess hiding under the slide because he didn’t the “mean kid” to punch him in the stomach again. My heart broke when he told us this. Where was the supervision? Why didnt they notice that he spent his entire recess hiding? Everyday he came home with something that had been done to him, and when my daughter went to the school to address it on several occasions, she was pretty much told he was lying. Even though she was called by the nurse a few times because of incidences when he was hurt by the bully Every day it broke my daughters heart to sent her son to school, fearing her son would bullied and no one was addressing the issue? Where is their bullying policy? It’s not fair that a kid has to go to school and be afraid, and a parent has to worry everyday about their child going to school. More has to be done with this issue to provide a safe and fun learning environment for kids.

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