Real Life Somerville Police Stories: Dwayne GREENE (OUI Liquor, Negligent Operation, Disorderly, Resisting Arrest, Unlicensed Operation, Alcohol from Container)

On 3-7-2019, while assigned to marked unit West-5, I responded with West-6 (Officer DiFava) to the area of JP Licks in Davis Square for an accident involving two motor vehicles. An officer on detail (Officer Hartsgrove) called into dispatch about the accident and asked for a listing on one of the motor vehicles. Dispatch advised that the vehicle was a vehicle that had been involved in an accident earlier in the day (Incident number 19012549). I responded due to the original RP stating they believed the driver to be intoxicated. Upon my arrival I saw Officer Hartsgrove speaking to two parties, the suspect, identified as Mr. Dwayne Greene, who was the operator of MA XXXX and Mr. XXXX. Mr. Greene was acting erratically, flailing his arms and speaking non sense. I asked Mr. Greene to calm down and explain what happened to me. It was at this time I noticed him to be slurring his speech, his eyes were glassy, and I noticed the smell of alcohol coming from his breath. I asked Mr. Greene what had happened and why he had been in several accidents today. He began explaining that he left his information with the other cars from the previous incident. I explained to him that was not the information I was asking him for and repeated why he had been in more than one accident today.

I asked Mr. Greene if he wanted any medical attention and he stated no. I asked him if he was on any medication and he stated not anymore. I then asked him what type of medication he had stopped taking and he only responded with “Nothing that is in your possession”. I asked him what that meant and he began again making no sense. I also asked Mr. Greene if he had anything to drink today, as I could smell it on his breath. Again he said “nothing thats in your possession”. I offered Mr. Greene several opportunities to perform Field Sobriety Tests, he declined each time. Several times Officer DiFava or I had to ask him and escort him from going into traffic. Several times cars slowed down or stopped because he was walking into the street. We were able to get him onto the sidewalk and attempt to speak to him there. I would note that the entire time, Mr. Greene was very unsteady on his feet. Mr. Greene continued to get closer and closer to me and started tensing up. I placed my hand in front of me and asked him to step back. Mr. Greene started yelling and told me that if I were to touch him, that there would be a problem. Mr. Greene asked me several times if I wanted to fight him. At this point people began gathering around to see what was going on. I noticed several people looking out windows in the nearby businesses. Mr. Greene again asked me if I wanted to fight him and told me that we would be fighting if I touched him. He then began yelling at me that he wanted to have a snowball fight and that he would fight me with the snow. At this point I requested for another unit through dispatch. K-9 (Officer Sullivan) and Sierra-8 (Sergeant Capasso) responded. Mr. Greene was continually tensing up and yelling obscenities. I explained to Mr. Greene I wanted him to put his hands behind his back and that he was under arrest.

Mr. Greene became resistant and clenched his hands together and would not remove his hands from in front of him. Officer DiFava and I were able to push him against his vehicle so that he would not flee into the street. Using my department issued baton, I was able to place it under his arm and pry his arm behind his back. Officer Sullivan arrived and with the three of us, we were able to place Mr. Greene under arrest. Officer DiFava then requested for unit 200 to respond to transport Mr. Greene to the station. I would like to note that a prior inquiry of Mr. Greene showed that his license was expired.

Mr. Greene’s vehicle was towed from the scene with permission from Sergeant Capasso. There was visible damage to the passenger side of Mr. Greene’s vehicle. It appeared new.

After Mr. Greene was under control I was able to speak with Mr. XXXX regarding the accident. Mr. XXXX stated that Mr. Greene was behind him and was trying to pass him on the right due to traffic. He stated that Mr. Greene then rear ended him, Mr. Greene’s vehicle bounced back, then Mr. XXXX heard the engine rev up behind him and Mr. Greene struck him again.

A search of Mr. Greene prior to being transported turned up 4 small bottles, commonly known as “nips” of New Amsterdam vodka in his front right pocket. Two were empty and two were full. I will be attaching photos of them in this report and place them into evidence.

As Mr. Greene was being escorted into the back of the prisoner transport vehicle, he continually dropped his weight and would not cooperate. He had to be physically lifted and carried into the back of 200. During the drive to the station, Mr. Greene was striking his head off the side walls in the back of the vehicle. Mr. Greene then refused to be booked and was uncooperative back at the station.

Mr. Greene was charged with:
Oui Liquor
Negligent Operation of a Motor Vehicle
Open container in Motor Vehicle
Resisting Arrest
Disorderly Conduct
Unlicensed Operation of a Motor Vehicle.

Mr. Greene was Issued Massachusetts Uniform Citations T1315048 and T1315049
Mr. Greene was given the opportunity to take a Breathalyzer test. He declined. The OUI paperwork will be submitted into evidence.
Mr. Greene was advised of his license suspension due to the refusal.

Respectfully submitted,

Officer Christopher Fusco #328

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