Somerville Speakup Line:The Murder of Kashoggi – Questions from a Reader + Disinformation

Dear Billy T and Somerville Speakup Line:

1. Why would this successful U.S. journalist, greatly critical of the government

       of Saudi Arabia, dare to visit the Saudi Consul, knowing full well their treatment of dissidents?

2. Why did the press take days to mention the name of his fiance who was outside the Consul waiting for him? Why no information about her?

3. With the anti-Arab bias of the United States press, most of the time turning to the Zionist persuasion, and pro-Israel logic, why is the press now paying large attention to the scandalous murder of an Arab, even though he comes from a wealthy, well-known family? The last Arab murdered, and written about extensively, was Dodi Fayed, and that only because he was  with Princess Diana. He also came from a well known family. His Dad owned Harrod’s the British department store.

4. The press hardly pays little or scant attention to the daily and equally scandalous murders by Israel of the Arab dwellers of the Gaza Strip, most of whom have no weapons and innocently protesting Israel’s criminal laws.

5.  We feed monies [3 billion ++ annually] and sophisticated armaments to Israel to “defend themselves.” Why do our Senators vote for this travesty?

These questions and many more should be offered to the public with answers and valid explanations, for these questionable goings-on and questionable journalism.


Carol Rae Bradford, M.Ed.

Highland Ave, Somerville, MA

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