Somerville Speakup Line:Captain Coverup Hurts Elbow Opening File Cabinet Goes on Comp

Dear Billy T and Somerville Speakup Line,

You were absolutely correct about Crooked Captain Coverup who pulled papers last year to retire but suspiciously overnight just showed up that week and came back like nothing ever happened. The word around the station is that he’s probably worth more to the federal government on the job then off the job. With everything he’s allegedly covered up since Joe got in, it must’ve filled up some pretty big file cabinets.

But now speaking of file cabinets, surprisingly he allegedly bumped his elbow opening up a file cabinet drawer and is going out on a three week bullshit comp case where he’s going to bilk the taxpayers of Somerville for more tax dollars. And then guess where he’s going after three weeks of bilking the taxpayers for more money on this phony claims, he is going to retire how sweet and convenient!

He must’ve sang like a canary to save his pension haha! But hurting his elbow on a file cabinet drawer? I bet it didn’t hurt when he pulled his boat out of the water in Maine this past weekend?

Your Draining the Swamp mission in Somerville is outstanding and has to be completed so let’s shift it into overdrive!


A cop hoping to get a legitimate and well honestly deserved promotion when Crooked Captain Coverup and his criminally ways are gone and the line moves forward!

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