Utility Pole Collapses In Somerville During Church Services Missing Parishioners

Photos by John L. Sullivan

By William Tauro

A pole snapped in half on Belmont Street behind Saint Catherine’s Church in Somerville.

Neighbors have been complaining to the city and Eversource since the pole was bent due to weight on it and its continued bending toward the sun.

This past Sunday morning the pole finally snapped in half and came crashing down to the street.

The utility wires landed on a truck passing through the parking lot as the pole collapsed.

Luckily nobody was coming out of mass or CCD at Saint Catherine’s School during this incident.

3 thoughts on “Utility Pole Collapses In Somerville During Church Services Missing Parishioners”

  1. Still out of power some 5+ hours later. While we’re thankful for Eversource’s workmen up there, it is a little disconcerting that it takes this long to replace a single pole. What if this was a natural disaster with more than one down?

    Also, I remember commenting on that pole’s lean… sometime in 2011. It’s been like that for the better part of a decade. Glad nobody was hurt!

  2. With winter around the corner, wouldn’t it be prudent of NATGRID to get an assessment of THEIR equipment before a worse case scenario? So lucky this time…

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