Somerville Speakup Line:No More Entitlements

Dear Billy T and Somerville Speakup Line,

You’re doing a phenomenal job on uncovering major corruption and hidden info in the city against the Somerville’s self-serving elected and appointed entitleists by revealing the truth for the people.

Billy, please raise the issue about and look into the Dante Club stories that were silently tucked away, the PA Restaurant (Where the owner is on the redevelopment board for Joe/major conflict of interest ) about what really went on there and the old La Hacienda Restaurant and all the after-hour festivities the our illustrious mayor was involved in including the rape involving two former Somerville cops that took place there that was strategically swept under the rug. Hopefully someone with balls will contact you with details and more evidence regarding these acts and let them resurface and be dealt-with finally .

Also raise the issue on who is doing the bookkeeping and accounting at the new Somerville Skating Rink where Joe’s best friends Igor and Max owes the city tens of thousands of taxpayers dollars in rent and use.

Joe’s friend Igor also owes tens of thousands of dollars at other local municipal skating rinks where he ran up the same kind of big bill then later skipped town on them all. But here in Somerville he never skipped town but he owes a tremendously outrageous high bill I can guarantee you that. It makes me sick to know that it is happening right under our noses. The sad part is that nobody including the Board of Aldermen are doing a damn thing about it to collect this money which has been owed to us for years. The corruption and self-serving is overwhelming. It would even be more interesting to see how many canceled checks the mayor can produce in regards to own his personal bill there for his children’s hockey. I know dozens of other local families who are just barely just getting by that have to cough-up the money to pay the bill just saying it’s not fair.

You’ll be amazed of what you come up with.

Billy please continue what you’re doing because you are our only hope like many of us here, the thousands of us that read your new sites daily but who are afraid of retaliation so we have to sit silently idled and not able to post. But like I said, I can assure you that thousands of us across the city and beyond all have your back a 110%

Waiting For Justice to Prevail

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