Somerville Speakup Line: Deathblow Being Delivered To Businesses Affected By Construction Project

Photos: Broadway businesses a ghost town this past Friday night

Dear Billy T and Somerville Speakup Line,

Last Monday you posted and exposed the story of how local businesses from 516-523 Broadway were effectively closed while construction on Broadway began because city construction equipment and street construction barriers were blocking our businesses from opening, deliveries from happening and our customers from parking.

Here we are a week later and we are not going to be closed while the streets are being repaired while they do the construction, so why are they blocking us out from opening and discouraging our customers from conducting business altogether?

These businesses were never notified that this was going to happen. The city construction crews and vehicles just showed up one day and here we are it happened.

It is going to be like we would have to close now because no one can come park here nor cross the bombardment of barricades to even walk in and do business with any of these shops.

Even while there is no construction going on over night and over the weekend, the construction workers go home for the evening and the barricades and equipment still remain blocking our businesses completely. This is totally not fair and very unethical.

No parking or deliveries are allowed for 2 months while the city cleans up oil that was leaked from assembly row.

This will virtually be a deathblow to the businesses affected by the construction project.

We were told that this project could have done in two increments that would have had less traffic impact but city chose to do it this way which will shut down all businesses on this side of broadway.

Why wasn’t this done at night when it would have less impact ?

Where are our elected officials especially our aldermen and where is the Chamber of Commerce during all of this?

We are not gonna be closed while they do the construction out front here. This is more like a vicious plot to undermine the business owners and forcing us to close down. Can you help?

Broadway Businesses Owners

2 thoughts on “Somerville Speakup Line: Deathblow Being Delivered To Businesses Affected By Construction Project”

  1. Where is the Alderman for Ward 5? What good is an elected official if he or she can’t be bothered to do the basic work of representing the residents and businesses?

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