Somerville Hurting Local Businesses With Unnecessary Overkill Road Closures

By William Tauro

Businesses from 516-523 effectively closed while construction on Broadway begins.

No parking or deliveries to local businesses is allowed for 2 months while City of Somerville work crews clean up oil that was allegedly leaked from Assembly Row.

This will virtually be one of many death blows across the city to the businesses affected by the construction project.

Businesses affected were told that the City of Somerville could have done and completed these construction cleanups projects in two increments that would of have had less traffic impact on local businesses, but the city chose to do it this way which will shut down all business on this side of broadway.

Why wasn’t this done at night when it would have less impact? It appears that the City of Somerville is the business community’s worse enemy. The city first hurt the business community with outrageous parking meter fees. Then it slammed the business owners with bike lanes and racks eliminating desperately needed parking space for consumers and now this. When will it end.

This story is still developing…

2 thoughts on “Somerville Hurting Local Businesses With Unnecessary Overkill Road Closures”

  1. It looks like there’s plenty of parking within a block of these business and runways are still accessible. That will hardly shut them down or stop deliveries. Bikes use less street space to get the same number of customers in, so that seems like a win for business and anyone who hates traffic congestion.

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