New Passenger Drop-off, Pickup Zones Established in Union Square

Zones aim to eliminate double-parking in traffic lanes and increase safety for all modes of transportation

SOMERVILLE – In an effort to increase safety and reduce congestion in one of Somerville’s busiest squares, a passenger drop-off and pickup only zone has been established in Union Square. The pickup and drop-off zones are open to all users including the public, taxis, and ride share services. Parking and idling more than five minutes in the designated zones are prohibited. The spaces are located between 345 and 347 Somerville Ave. near the entrance to Bow Market.

“Union Square is a vibrant neighborhood full of excellent restaurants, shops, and nightlife options that’s buzzing with pedestrian, bicycle, and vehicle traffic, and it’s our job to ensure everyone can enjoy it safely,” said Mayor Joseph Curtatone. “One way to do that is to reduce double-parking. So as we did in Davis Square, we created drop-off and pickup zones that are open to everyone to reduce congestion and hazards in the travel lanes, which improves safety for all.”

The Union Square change follows the rollout of the drop-off and pickup zones in Davis Square, which was implemented in January. The City will continue monitoring usage of the zones in both locations and assessing how effective similar plans would be in other areas of the city.

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