Real Life Somerville Police Stories: Troy THIBOUTOT (Shoplifting, Possess B)

On 7/10/2018, I (Officer Devin Schneider) was in full uniform while assigned to marked cruiser East-1 during the 4pm-12am shift. At around 7:30 pm, I was dispatched to a report of a shoplifter at TJ Maxx, located at 105 Middlesex Avenue. Officer Kevin Goulart (East-4) was dispatched as my backup. I arrived a short time later to the TJ Maxx Loss Prevention Office, where I met with Loss Prevention Officer (LPO) XXXX and LPO XXXX. Also in the office was they suspect, Troy Thiboutot, who I recognized as someone I have previously charged with shoplifting in the Assembly Square area (Incident #16049200.)

According to LPO XXXX and XXXX, Thiboutot had shoplifted from a TJ Maxx store in the recent past, which is why they recognized him when he walked into their store. With a combination of floor surveillance and video surveillance, the Loss Prevention Officers observed Thiboutot select a handbag, and remove it from an anti-theft tether by biting through it. Thiboutot then wrapped the anti-theft sensor tags attached to two handbags in tin foil. I know based upon my training and experience, that a method to defeat anti-theft electronic surveillance tags is to insulate them with metal so they will not set of the electronic alarms typically located at a store’s exit. Thiboutot then concealed the hand bags in the backback he was carrying, and exited the store, making no attempt to purchase the 2 handbags. LPO XXXX and LPO XXXX were able to apprehend Thiboutot and bring him back to the LP office without incident.

Officer Goulart searched Thiboutot’s backpack. In the outer most pocket of the backpack, Officer Goulart discovered a small glassine bag with a white rocky substance. Based upon my training and experience, I believed this substance to be the drug commonly known as crack cocaine. Additionally, three pair of pliers were found in the backpack.

Thiboutot was placed under arrest in a manner consistent with my training, and the handcuffs were double locked. Thiboutot was transported back to the police station in prisoner transport unit 200, operated by Officer Justin Buswell. At the station, he was booked in the usual manner by the Street Supervisor: Sergeant Michael McCarey.

The purses were Michael Kors brand, priced at $129.99 and $119.99. A digital picture of the purses will be attached to this report, along with a receipt that reflects the value of the purses. A video recording of the incident will be made available at a later date. The glassine bag containing the rocky substance will be entered into evidence in the usual manner. When reviewing Thiboutot’s Board of Probation record, I observed that he has previously been charged and convicted of Possession of a Class B Substance (Boston District Court Docket 1601CR005716A.) Thiboutot is being charged with the following violation of M.A. state law:

-Ch. 94c / S. 34: Possess Class B Drug, Subsequent Offense

-Ch. 266 / S. 30A: Shoplifting by Concealing Merchandise

-Ch. 266 / S. 30B(e):Unlawful Deactivation of Theft Detection Device

Respectfully submitted,

Officer Devin Schneider Badge #295

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