Puerto Rico Pup Gets Happy Home in Somerville

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Somerville residents Alicia and Justin, who recently got engaged, have a new love: Zora, a sweet 4 month old, tan, white and black puppy. Zora traveled from post-hurricane Puerto Rico to Somerville as part of a rescue effort assisted by pet photographer Mindy Dutka of Dogs I Meet, Global United Foundation and Stray From the Heart. It’s a dog tale with a happy ending.

Alicia found out about Zora from a colleague who previously adopted a dog rescued from Puerto Rico from Stray from the Heart. Now Zora drives to work with her new Mom, where she spends all day playing with other dogs at her Mom’s dog-friendly workplace. “She’s really happy, and when her tail gets going, it’s  pretty much the best,” says Alicia of her new pal .

It’s been a long journey to Somerville for Zora. She was one of four puppies abandoned and in bad shape in Guayanilla, Puerto Rico.  Rescued by Global United Dog Project volunteers, she was fed and given medicine daily to treat her for mange, parasites and other ailments until she and the other pups were ready to be sent to the mainland for adoption.

According to Global United founder Paola Anderson, after being hit by hurricanes Irma and Maria, “the communities and animals of Puerto Rico have ongoing needs for food and medical attention and we can not stand by and do nothing. Now it is estimated there may be as many as half a million stray dogs on the island.”

Dogs I Meet’s Dutka, who traveled to Puerto Rico to help and has been involved with Zora’s journey, said ”the situation on the island is heartbreaking but also heartwarming because of the passion and dedication of the volunteers helping to rescue the stray dogs.

The Global United Foundation is working to support the devastated island by improving human health, via improving animal health.  To help other dogs like Zora, Dogs I Meet Pet Photography is raising money for Global United Foundation to sustain the effort to rescue. Dutka and Zora encourage people to donate at Paola Anderson’s You Caring page.

Download hi-res images from this link . All images to be credited: Mindy Dutka | dogsimeet.com

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