Mysterious Oil Leaking From Somerville’s Assembly Row Ocean Side Polluting Boston Harbor and Mystic River

By William Tauro

For the past two weeks, a large unknown source of oil has been mysteriously leaking from an unknown source into the Boston Harbor from the outer oceanside of the Amelia Earhart Dam from next to the shores of Assembly Row in Somerville along the soccer field directly across from the Wynn Casino Boston site

State environmental agencies as well as crews from Clean Harbors and other environmental groups were on scene on Wednesday morning trying to contain and assess the damages.

One Somerville resident who was there said “If this was a gas station that belonged to someone polluting the waters there would be helicopters flying everywhere by now!” He also stated that “This makes you wonder if its coming from one of these big developers working on one of these major projects?”

According to one DCR worker who was at the scene he stated that “There is oil on all the outer and now inner walls of the dam and on the ocean side as well as plenty of oil seeping into the locks and now into the Mystic River.”

He also stated that “there is oil all over the outer oceanside perimeter of the Amelia Earhart Dam as well as along the shore where wild life, especially the birds are full of oil and its getting absorbed into their feathers as well as contaminating much of the shrubbery along the water front.” “This mysteriousl oil which is surrounding the entire area for the past two weeks is getting worse now that will definitely cause long term damage to the environment!”

Another DCR worker said that “The oil leak might be coming from the Alford Street Bridge area from an underwater source.” He also stated that “He was very convinced that it was coming from an underwater pipe near the Somerville soccer field that one of the construction developer’s excavating machines may have ruptured during construction.”

This story is still developing…

4 thoughts on “Mysterious Oil Leaking From Somerville’s Assembly Row Ocean Side Polluting Boston Harbor and Mystic River”

  1. Jeez, leaking for the past 2 weeks? Why would it not have been researched and repaired on day 2? Somerville person who commented probably spot on. One of the Mayor’s pals pollutating our water. We get rotocalls about nonsense. No rotocall about this major oil leak polluting our wildlife, shores and water. No rotocall about the transfer tax. No rotocall about the RB 3 unit zoning being changed to 2 unit zoning. Begs the question what constitutes the need for the residents to be notified? Pitiful that at the time of this writing there are not readily available details on the oil spill, and assurances that it was known, addressed and contained.

  2. Hello this is Scott from WFXT. Looking to see if we can use your pictures on our pplatforms with courtesy. Thanks in advance.

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