Real Life Somerville Police Stories: Dylan SHALLOW (Mal Destr Prop +, Possession E)

On Sunday, 4/1/2018, I, Officer Haley, was in full-uniform and assigned to marked unit West 6. At approximately 1:00 AM, I was dispatched to a call for a possible drunk male banging on a door at xx Wallace St. Marked units West 7, Officer McLaughlin, and Sector West, Officer Torres, were also dispatched as backup.

Upon my arrival, I saw a male known to me as Dylan Shallow walking down Wallace St, one house down from xx Wallace. I stopped Mr. Shallow and asked him if he was knocking on the door. Mr. Shallow said to me that he had been drinking and he thought it was his friend’s house. At this time, I saw another male coming down the street towards us. I approached the male, later identified as XXXX, while Officers Torres and McLaughlin stayed with Mr. Shallow. Mr. XXXX told me he was the one who called the police and he had observed Mr. Shallow going in and out of several driveways. Mr. XXXX said that he saw Mr. Shallow go into the driveway at xx Wallace St. and then heard the sound of glass breaking. Mr. XXXX said he then saw Mr. Shallow exit the driveway and continue down the street.

I went into the driveway and observed a large rock lying in front of a broken basement window. I was able to wake up the resident of the home, a Mr. YYYY, who confirmed to me that the window was not broken prior to the events of tonight. It did not appear that Mr. Shallow had attempted to enter the basement.

I approached Mr. Shallow and told him he was being placed under arrest for Malicious Destruction of Property for the breaking of the window. Mr. Shallow was handcuffed by Officer Torres and Officer McLaughlin. Upon searching Mr. Shallow, incident to arrest, he was found to have a small bag of marijuana and a bag of pills. When the pills were removed from his person Mr. Shallow spontaneously uttered that they were his mother’s Xanax pills. At this time, I informed Mr. Shallow that without a prescription he will also be charged with Possession of a Class E substance. A count of the pills revealed there to be 65 in total.

Mr. Shallow was transported to the station by Unit 200, Officer Costa, and booked by Lt. DeOliveira. I have entered the 65 Xanax pills into evidence and marked the small bag of marijuana for destruction. I have attached a picture of the broken window to this report.

Mr. Shallow has been charged with:

-Ch 266 s.127a – Malicious Destruction of Property over $250

-Ch 94c s.34 – Possession of a Class E Substance

Respectfully submitted,

Officer Daniel Haley #335

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