Somerville Speakup Line:Who Called Corrupt Captain Coverup To Hide The Police Evidence Again?

By William Tauro

Since the arrest of the mayor’s drug infested cousin in Wakefield this past Sunday night, new discoveries and valuable information have been pouring into the newsroom.

As a matter of fact just a few hours after I broke this story, (which was a day after the mayor’s cousin arrest that was kept under the political radar screen), early this morning I also discovered that guess who came to the mayor’s cousins rescue the night of the arrest at the Wakefield Police Station? Well none other than the one and only Crooked Captain Coverup himself!

Usually protocol with something like this is that the station manager, usually a lieutenant, would get the call from the other police department informing him that one of his retired officers were arrested with police identification on him and that lieutenant would send a patrolman, in this case to Wakefield, to recover the mayor’s cousin‘s city owned belongings while he was under arrest.

His belongings in this case being his city owned Somerville Police badge and expired Somerville Police ID that he so conveniently flashed to the arresting officers to try to get out of it. But no good it didn’t work, nada! These officers clicked on the bracelets and hauled his sorry ass away!

But instead in this case somebody at the Somerville police station or city hall called Crooked Captain Coverup who was home and had the night off. Whoever called him from the station or city hall told him what had transpired and must’ve told him to get those police credentials before the media finds out about it.

So what did Crooked Captain Coverup do? He put on his magic cape and flew over to Wakefield PD to pick up the mayor’s cousin’s Somerville Police issued badge and Somerville Police issued expired ID.

But the serious questions here are:

1)Why him, why did someone direct Crooked Captain Coverup to pick up these items at the Wakefield Police Department not an officer that’s already working in the station?

2) Did Crooked Captain Coverup report that he recovered the Somerville Police Department’s property, the belongings (The Somerville Police badge an the expired Somerville Police ID) that were in the mayor’s cousin’s possession at the time of his drug-bust arrest that he presented to the arresting officers?

3)Was Crooked Captain Coverup intending to cover this one up as well?

4) How did Crooked Captain Coverup write his report on this? Did he report it as it happed? Have any of his reporting of this incident been edited at all? Or will it be covered up after this article comes out to cover his ass?

5) we are wondering where Crooked Captain Coverup was at home relaxing while all this was going on, will he put in for overtime now for this good deed that he did when the station could’ve easily just sent an on-duty officer to accomplish this simple task as well?

6) Who made that magic phone call to Crooked Captain Coverup while ge was off duty and sitting comfortably at home? Was it a lieutenant? Wasit a station manager? or Was it the mayor?

Here we go again with more illegal Somerville political coverup scheems and again it just proves my point and my opinions on Crooked Captain Coverup’s track record.

Oh yeah just in case you didn’t already hear, crap Crooked Captain Coverup is now, as of this past week, in charge of the Somerville Police Detective Bureau which oversees all this fun stuff amazing! Only in Somerville!

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