All cars must be moved from City and school lots by 4 p.m. to avoid ticketing and towing. Property owners must have shoveled sidewalks by 1 p.m. Friday (within 6 daylight hours following end of snowfall).

SOMERVILLE – The City of Somerville’s snow emergency will end Friday, Jan. 5 at 2 p.m. and normal parking rules will resume at that time. The information below offers tips to avoid ticketing and towing as well as strategies for being a good neighbor and staying safe in the frigid temperatures.

CARS IN LOTS: Residents parked in municipal or school lots during the snow emergency have a two-hour window to move their vehicles after the end of a snow emergency. Cars still parked in municipal and school lots after 4 p.m. Friday will be subject to ticketing and towing to ensure crews are able to safely plow lots. Once school lots are clear, residents may park in them during non-school hours, and must exit by 7 a.m. Monday. Meters will go into effect at 4 p.m. Friday.

Please also note that although the ban is lifted, vehicle owners must allow safe passage for emergency vehicles. To avoid ticketing and towing, cars must be parked within 1 foot of the curb, no vehicle may park within 20 feet of an intersection, and at least 15-feet of road passage must be maintained at all times to allow fire trucks to access the street. Conditions are still difficult, and we appreciate your patience. DPW will continue to clear snow and conduct targeted removal over the coming week. Snow operations updates will be posted at

PERMIT VISIBILITY: Please note that by 2 p.m., Saturday, Jan. 6 (24 hours after the end of the snow emergency), residential or visitor parking permits must be cleared of snow and visible or the vehicle may be ticketed.

SNOW REMOVAL FROM VEHICLES: Please note that by 2 p.m., Sunday, Jan. 7 (48 hours after the end of the emergency), your vehicle must be fully cleared of snow to avoid ticketing.

SIDEWALK SHOVELING: To allow safe passage for all and to avoid being ticketed, snow from your sidewalks must have been cleared within 6 daylight hours of the end of snowfall (by 1 p.m. Friday). A path down to the pavement and at least 36-inches wide is required to allow wheelchair passage. Because compacted snow on walks will turn to ice, we urge property owners to clear sidewalks as soon as possible to prevent dangerous conditions. If you are a senior or are otherwise physically unable to shovel, please call the Council on Aging during normal business hours to sign up in advance for assistance during the NEXT storm. For assistance immediately, the independent website may be able to match you with a volunteer. Because of extreme cold temperatures, be sure to bundle up and shovel in short spurts. Review cold weather safety tips at

HOW TO HELP: Please consider assisting neighbors who may need help with shoveling and consider checking in on elderly neighbors or others who may need additional assistance. Our crews are also working to shovel out fire hydrants and catch basins. If you are able, we greatly appreciate any assistance in shoveling hydrants and catch basins in your area.

SCHEDULED ACTIVITIES: Schools will remain closed on Friday, but some athletic practices will go on as scheduled. Visit for more information. City offices will be open for normal business hours.  All three public library branches are open (West Branch will open at its normal scheduled time, 2 p.m.). Somerville’s ice rink will be open for public skating from 1 to 3 p.m. and again from 5:30 to 7:20 p.m., but all other Recreation activities are canceled.

THANK YOU & MORE INFO: We appreciate your patience and cooperation during this storm. For more information on post-snow policies, please visit

For more information or to make a non-emergency service request, please dial 311 (627-666-3311 from outside Somerville) or visit the City’s website, 311 may also be contacted via, @311somerville, and the 311 app for iOS or Android.

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