Somerville Cobble Hill Elders Sing & Dance The Night Away at Annual Christmas Party

By Martin Polignone

This past Wednesday night, the Somerville Holiday Inn was full of Christmas cheer with the elderly residents of Cobble Hill Apartments.

DJ Alan Labella worked his usual charm and magic to get the seniors on the dance floor after the fabulous meal served in style by the Holiday Inn.

Several elected officials came to wish everyone a happy holiday season, including Aldermen Bill White, Matt McLaughlin, and Alderman Elect Will Mbah. School Committee woman elect Emily Ackman was present as well.

As usual, the residents were very grateful to property manager Evelyn Ortiz and administrative assistant Kia who gave gifts to each resident courtesy of the Corcoran and Jennison property owners.

Now comes a bit of winter weather , but warm thoughts are on the minds of many, awaiting the summer BBQ when the food feast and dancing happens again.

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