Somerville Releases Comprehensive ‘Wellbeing’ Report 

The City of Somerville and Cambridge Health Alliance have released a wide-ranging 175-page report on the health and wellbeing of Somerville residents that will kick off a public process to develop a long-range Community Health Improvement Plan as noted by the Mayor in this week’s Somerville TimesThe 2017 Wellbeing of Somerville Report covers things like demographics, public health, social wellbeing, economic stability, and scores of other factors that influence residents’ lives. Mental health, smoking habits, alcohol consumption, job trends: It’s all in the report. It covers all age groups, from prenatal infants to older adults, and identifies trends facing the community. For instance, unemployment in Somerville, at 3.7 percent in 2016, was the lowest since 2000, and consistently below the state average. However, the poverty rate in Somerville (in 2015) was higher than in Massachusetts as a whole. This followup to the 2011 Somerville Wellbeing study provides a current. detailed and multifaceted assessment of the community. You can read the full report at

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