CURTAphony The Real Slamile

By Lucille Bordonaro

You don’t give a damn about the hopes and dreams of the good people of Somerville.

The blood and sweat goes into every cent they make so their children could have a safe life. If Somerville school are the best why the hell don’t your sons attend them?

You fraud, you hypocrite, you phony, you open your arms to those you’re welcome in this city you call sanctuary.

How many are at your house? You said your wife was all for it. You will not recognize your numerous blunders and faults.

Humility is not one of your strong suits.

Power leads you towards arrogance. You have a superiority complex.

Until my next headline think about what I said.


Lucille Marie Bordonaro

Once a Sicilian aways a Sicilian

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