Letter to the Editor:Why Was Mayor Joe Curtatone and Commissioner Stan Koty Allowed to Strike Again and Allow These Two Somerville Fire Department Jobs To Go Through After Both Applicants Had Allegations of Previously Lying on the Application?

Dear Billy T and Somerville News Weekly Speakup Line,

Why is there no mention anywhere on how the two brothers who both allegedly lied several years ago about residency in Somerville.

They allegedly got kicked off for lying but now they are on right there as Somerville Firefighters. This alleged Curtatone favoritism coverup screwed me as well as other honest applicants out of a position with the SFD. Were there any white envelopes involved containing $10,000 cash? Or in this case here maybe two white envelopes, one for each brother?

Why were these two brothers were allegedly booted off the list for submitting false statements on their applications and then they both were rehired by Somerville? Is it because these brother’s daddy is a firefighter?

That Somerville Police Captain Cotter who has multiple allegations of coverups against him should have stopped the hiring of these two as they got caught lying and should of have never been considered ever again for a position on the SFD. Its all a scam within the Curtatone Administration.

Check it out for yourselves because its public record:http://www.mass.gov/anf/docs/csc/decisions/discipline/layton-sean-ryan-082511.pdf

And now they are firefighters who got caught lying on their application so why are they Somerville Department Firefighters now? If I had lied, I would never get on the job. Curtatone has his thumb on this. Bring this issue back up why are liars being hired years later?

It was even featured in The Somerville Times, the mayor’s personal taxpayers paid publication.

Check out link below:http://www.thesomervilletimes.com/archives/13143

6 thoughts on “Letter to the Editor:Why Was Mayor Joe Curtatone and Commissioner Stan Koty Allowed to Strike Again and Allow These Two Somerville Fire Department Jobs To Go Through After Both Applicants Had Allegations of Previously Lying on the Application?”

  1. I hate to burst your bubble but these two won their case were placed back on the list and got hired. OBrien lost his civil service case and moved out of state.

  2. sprinkles, these two lost their appeal at a Massachusetts Civil Service hearing held on August 25, 2011. They were represented by the Somerville Fire Men’s union lawyer, Paul Haynes. I just read the decision. You can google “Massachusetts Civil Service Decisions.” Go to the L section and read it.

    If they lost their case for lying, how did they still manage to get hired after their appeal was denied by Civil Service? I think you know what really went down on this.

  3. The state could not prove that the 2 brothers didn’t live in the city. However, the 2 brothers could not prove with sufficient evidence that they did live in the city. It was basically a draw.

  4. If the City fired them for lying, and the Civil Service Commission upheld the firing by the City, then how could they be hired again after being fired for lying?

  5. You people need to wake the F**k up. These people do what they want, when they want and thumb their noses at us. Check out Henry Lima v City of Somerville. This poor bastard got rooked out of a job. Once your name is on the reserve list you are guaranteed a job for “life”! Since their inception the Police and Fire reserve lists have never had more than 10 names on the list, they just don’t hire more than that in one shot. On this list the personnel director asked for the reserve list to be increased to “30” names! 30? They wont hire 30 firefighters for 7 or 8 years(2 or 3 tests down the road). The “funny” part is the personnel directors nephew was number 24 on the list. Gee, what a coincidence they put only 24 and not the 30 they requested on the reserve list. With a new test coming up he would never have been put on the reserve list if he didn’t get on this one. In the Lima case the chairman of the civil service commission basically called the personnel director a liar. So what happens now? The nephew stays on the reserve list until he is hired regardless of how many tests they have. Lima goes to the top of the list but it doesn’t matter because they won’t hire him seeing as there are 24 people now ahead of him. The personnel director gets what he wanted, his nephew a job eventually. But the saddest part of all is what happens to a guy like me. I served this country with 2 tours oversees and came back and took the fire exam because all I ever wanted to be was a fireman. I spent $200 to take the exam. This reserve list of 24 names was certified 2 months before my scores came out. What does that mean, I wasted $200 because I will never be hired of the list I’m on or the next test I will be forced to take while this kid has a job waiting for him for life.

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