Is Somerville Being Consumed to Fuel the Mayor’s Thirst for Power?

By Judy Locchi Jacobs 

In my opinion, forms of alleged corruption like the city has recently woken up to, it may be happening everywhere but the mayor has been worse in many cases because there are back stories that have not come to light which cast a dark shadow on this man unlike no other politician.
He has abused his power in ways that are unforgivable and he should be held to the highest extent of the law.
He’s been using our police like his own private body guards. The department has been divided for years. We have seen chiefs come and go, in short spans of time when most last until retirement. 
Tom Pasquarello, our last chief, native of Cambridge (before the mayor hand picked Fallon) had international experience we needed for the drug problem in our city. I met him and other police outside of our city know him well. In my opinion, he left like other employees– because the mayor does not allow anyone to do their jobs properly– he wants to rule over a private kingdom, that this city is not. 
It belongs to the residents and to the home and business owners who pay his salary and salary of the aldermen, DPW, ISD, planners, zoning board members, and other workers.
There are many of us who worked on our homes and businesses for years, only to find out, that we have been paying the mayor extortion so he can use our funds to do whatever he wants — like wage lawsuits against innocent residents trying to remain in their homes–279 Union Sq., home and business owners. GLX is not confirmed, he’s saying that so investors will keep buying property and not stampede city hall.  
The project is way over budget by $1 billion dollars and a new SHS has a price tag of $285 million, while we have a fraction of student body in this city since most who can afford to live here are single monied liberals. I’m certain it’s to bloat the municipality with more patronage jobs to his loyal following who promise to help him run for higher office. 
Rumors spread that he wants John Kerry’s senate seat. What he doesn’t understand is that outside our 4 mile town, he is an unknown, and those who see him in the media dislike his brash tone and one sided policies. 
He also tried to put a 17 yr. old in jail for 25 years, (SHS soccer player unjustly accused for a crime of rape at a soccer camp), while threatening job termination to any employee who shared the truth. It’s all there in the Boston Globe, his lawyer is quoted, you can find it online. 
The family, along with the residents of Union Sq., have sued the mayor and city. The parents of the young man are suing for 2 million- 1 million against the mayor, 1 million against the city. 
Their lawyer presented evidence to suggest there was a campaign created to ruin this young man’s future. After 4 years of waiting for a verdict, the court found him innocent. Imagine that you have a son or daughter that was looking at 25 years in jail and you knew they were innocent, so did employees who were forced to remain silent.
This is just one case of the mayor abusing his power as a public official. I assure you, there is a long list behind this one case. 
Many are from local home and business owners being forced out to enrich the mayor and his friends , local former alderman/now attorney who kicks out elderly out of their homes, and other lawyers and so called developers who are just small time grifters.
They are now millionaires but have no worthy recognition. When they hold meetings, they do their best to keep public scrutiny out of their deals. I’ve witnessed it at several recent meetings. One would have to be spending most of their time following them around and take classes in city development to figure it out which most have too many important priorities. 
They make it very difficult to find information about their plans– “zero transparency”, should read on the banner at city hall.
Lots of true accounts have turned me away from this administration especially the mayor, but this story made me really concerned for the rest of the victims and future victims who would suffer the same fate. 
The mayor ruins lives and if he remains in power, he will continue to ruin lives. 
His tenure as mayor must end before he’s allowed to destroy anymore. This is very serious. I cannot stress it enough. The voters need to be informed and think hard about their choices at the voting booth. Our futures are being compromised, this has got to stop.

5 thoughts on “Is Somerville Being Consumed to Fuel the Mayor’s Thirst for Power?”

  1. Never cared for mayor. Years ago, the city lost a case over the amount that retirees had to pay for insurance coverage.Rather than settling, he appealed to a higher court and had the decision reversed, perhaps by judge friends? Also there was his affair with the daughter of a school committee woman. The daughter, I believe, was underage.

  2. Somerville Housing is loaded with bed bugs I personally contacted him many times got a vague response like did I report it please I reported it thirteen times get off your butt and start caring for the elderly had Mr Sullivan there many many times

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