Letter to the Editor:Let’s check out the mayor’s record of performance– 

Dear Billy and Somerville Speak Up Line:

So far he’s managed to make his friends wealthy at the cost and ruined lives of good people and honest business owners.
If you don’t know the back story of the following feel free to ask– I’m sure a number of residents know the real story and lots are here to answer–
Assembly Row partnerships
Partners Healthcare- free parking garage donated by mayor for 10,000 relocated employees of Boston- no jobs for Somerville residents– $400 billion rich corporation non-profit pays a $200k in lieu of taxes to the City of Somerville while residents continue to pay triple tax hikes and water/sewer.
3 Aldermen who resigned abruptly some years ago
Cedar Street Condo Debacle- zoning changes from commercial to residential under the radar
Former Alderman lawyer turned consultant to Assembly Row also represents clients at zoning, planning boards which are always approved- by political insiders. Anyone else is outta luck.
Wrongfully accused SHS soccer player – seriously disturbing hazing incident at soccer camp leaving two minors injured. According to one employee, “City employees who attended were threatened with job loss if they spoke about events at camp”. The lawyer of wrongfully accused, tells the Boston Globe, “Witness accounts of employees at camp shared conflicting stories”. Parents of wrongfully accused SHS soccer player sue the mayor and city for $2 million.
$500k taxpayer obligation suing Wynn Casino for 4 years over pollution and boat crowding on mystic river while mayor increases traffic throughout the city from overdevelopment and building more condos at Assembly Row. Rumor of low income high rising housing units behind Assembly Row has been contested but not off the table. One former state rep complained this would create unsafe living conditions for occupants due to its isolated location and possibly criminal activity due to poor visibility. 
Rt. 93 protest leaving motorists in a 5 hour traffic jam while an ambulance is stranded with a man needing urgent medical attention. Student protesters were from Brookline. Mayor gets more 5 minutes of fame clips for his political aspirations and media happy to oblige.
Crumbling facade former social security office in Davis Sq., more media attention and more business owners go to court so Brookline Grocer can move in with the help from former alderman of W6 and resident of Brookline.
 Zoning changes implemented by mayor and planning in order to free up more condo development while encroaching on long time residents, blocking light, taking private land for shady developers, lots of underhanded tactics leaving homeowners broke from paying for legal representation. EPA called in in some cases such as punctured underground gas tanks filling surrounding homes with gas fumes. (Davis Sq., former VFW Summer St. Site)
279 Union Sq. Residents sue over illegal use of eminent domain. Evictions have taken place many homeowners forced to settle on 20% of value–($200k– vs. $1,000,000.00 true value)
Some crimes continue to remain unreported like a drug dealer paying cash for a home – (told to me by a family member of a city employee who was at the scene of the fire).
Feel free to add other stores you know.

Thank you,

Judy Locchi Jacobs 

12 thoughts on “Letter to the Editor:Let’s check out the mayor’s record of performance– ”

  1. I hope to God someone runs against joe and wins. I have been out of Somerville for 3 yrs can’t afford yo live there on my only paycheck. I want the old Somerville back. Too many condos high rises and what happened to all the nice neighborhoods they are all going condo. Joe is for himself I don’t trust him. He tells you what you want to hear and does the opposite. I would love yo be able yo go back to where I was born and raised and raised my kids but it’s not affordable and who the hell wants yo live in a sanctuary city. Not these days joe get out while you can with a little dignity… key word little

  2. So it appears the writers (Judy specifically) really don’t like it when they are called out for spreading slanderous lies by fellow hard working citizens. Interesting. Maybe that should serve as a warning to those who read this that the shadiness involved may have less to do with the mayor and more to do with this pages messages about him. I still welcome a public community meeting at a watering hole or restaurant or park where we can have an open dialogue about making Somerville a better place for ALL. It would be a great step in bridging these contentious gaps.

  3. I neglected to mention how he mistreated the retired Police Captain. Retired police officers in Somerville are allowed to work paid police details, a nice lucrative position.

    After Curtatone read this retiree’s post, he told the then Chief of Police, Chief Pasquriello, to have this retiree turn in his badge. He was told that this retiree, critical of the Mayor, was not to work anymore paid details.

    Curtatone professes to want to hear everyone’s opinion? I don’t think so!

    And ask Curtatone how he “treated George McClean, when he was Chief of Police.

    Curtatone is a fraud. Payton Corbett for Mayor.

  4. This mayor Curtatone is a nasty person. He claims not to treat people like dirt, but he does indeed treat people like dirt.

    A retired Somerville Police Captain was critical of Curtatone on the internet because of the high turnover of Police Chiefs in Somerville after Curtatone removed the Chief of Police position from Civil Service(even though he was for Civil Service when he was an Alderman). Taking the Chief out of Civil Service gives the Mayor control of the Department.

    Doesn’t treat people like dirt? He also mistreated a retired Fire Department employee who reported serious wrong doing that he endured. This happened before this firefighter retired. His own Union abandoned him. I could go on and on.

    Curtatone is a power-hungry political hack. This is not the Somerville I grew up in, that’s for sure.

    And why did Curtatone support those protesters who shut down the roads in protest? Why did he ask the Court to dismiss the charges? Because it’s good politics and gets him votes.

    Payton Corbett for Mayor!!!

    1. Or it’s because the cause is a worthy one and if it inconveniences some commuters (and don’t give the ambulance routing blocking nonsense, that is a red herring) then so be it.

  5. Police officer Alex on paid leaves for 2 years. He was fired by Dot gay and because he is related to Joe he was reinstalled. Now paying with phoney money in Cambridge.

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