Real Life Somerville Police Stories:Curtis PRESTON (Drug, Dist/Poss Class B, Firearm Carry with Ammo, Dangerous Weapon Carry…)

The following is a brief summary pertaining to Incident 17045767:


On Thursday, July 27, 2017, I was working in the Somerville Police Drug Unit as Delta-18. At approximately 6:15 P.M. members of the Drug Unit observed a male known to us as XXXXX. XXXXX was walking on Mystic Avenue. XXXXX is known to members of the Somerville Police Drug Unit from previous drug related offenses. A rolling surveillance was kept of XXXXX by members of the Drug Unit as XXXXX made his way to XX Bay State Avenue. This address is well known to members of the Somerville Police Department through recent arrests. Within a minute of XXXXX walking into XX Bay State Avenue, a male known to me as XXXXX walked out of the same door. XXXXX began using his cellular phone while keeping his head on a swivel walking up Mallet Street towards Liberty Avenue. XXXXX is known to me from a recent incident where I believed he was involved in a street level drug transaction. (See Incident #17043712) As XXXXX was walking up Mallet Street, Detective Costa observed him on and off the phone as he appeared to be awaiting the arrival of someone. As Detective Costa was observing XXXXX on the phone, I observed a black Infiniti bearing XX registration XXXXX driving down Liberty Avenue to where XXXXX was standing. 


As this black Infiniti passed me, I observed a lone male operator on his cellular phone. As the black Infiniti approached the corner of Liberty Avenue and Mallet Street, XXXXX entered the passenger side door and the vehicle drove towards Broadway. A rolling surveillance was kept of the vehicle as it took a right onto Broadway and abruptly stopped at the corner of Broadway and Bay State Avenue. As the vehicle stopped, XXXXX exited and began walking up Bay State Avenue towards XX. 


As XXXXX was walking, the vehicle began driving east On Broadway towards Cedar Street. At this time, based on my training and experience, I believed XXXXX and the operator of the black Infiniti had just conducted a street level drug transaction. I stopped XXXXX in front of 2X Bay State Avenue to conduct a threshold inquiry while other members of the Drug Unit maintained a rolling surveillance of the black Infiniti. I approached XXXXX with my badge clearly displayed on my outermost garment. XXXXX appeared nervous to my appearance as I asked him where he had been coming from. XXXXX answered, “You must know if you’re stopping me.” I then asked what he had just got from the black Infiniti. XXXXX replied, “A forty, it’s in my pocket,” as he opened his right pant pocket. Inside of his right pant pocket, I observed a clear glassine baggie containing a white powder substance. I asked XXXXX what was inside the bag to which he stated he believed it was Fentanyl. 


I informed the other members of the Drug Unit of my findings and to attempt to stop the vehicle. The black Infiniti was queried and found to be registered to Mr. Curtis Preston. Mr. Preston has a lengthy criminal history and is known to members of the Somerville Police Drug Unit to possibly be in possession of a firearm. As Detectives Costa, Goncalves, Legros, and McNally were following the vehicle it took a left turn onto Hudson Street where it began to move at a faster speed. As Detective Costa was calling out the location of the Infiniti, the vehicle abruptly pulled in front of 1XX Hudson Street. As soon as the vehicle pulled to the right, the operator, identified as Mr. Preston, opened the door and attempted to flee from the vehicle. Mr. Preston struck Detective Costa’s unmarked police vehicle while doing so which caused Preston to wedge himself between the doors of both vehicles. Mr. Preston was given verbal commands to stop by Detectives. Mr. Preston refused as he ran towards the rear of his vehicle. As marked units arrived, Mr. Preston stopped as he had nowhere to run and was taken into custody.


Mr. Preston was arrested for distribution of a Class B substance, Fentanyl. During his arrest, Detectives searched the vehicle for other drug contraband and three more clear baggies containing a white powder substance believed to be Fentanyl as well. Inside of the trunk Detectives observed a blue backpack. Inside of this blue backpack was a black Smith and Wesson .40 Caliber firearm which was rolled up in a black T-shirt. This firearm contained five rounds of ammunition. Also inside the blue backpack were 182 rounds of .40 caliber ammo and 4 rounds of 9 mm ammo. The black Infiniti contained multiple cellular phones (4), a spring loaded camouflage knife, and monies. 


Mr. Preston was transported to Somerville Police Headquarters via marked unit 200, Officer Schneider, where he was booked in the usual manner by Sergeant Shackelford. Please see Detective McNally’s report for a full list of all contraband found/seized. I advised XXXXX that I would be filing a criminal complaint for his offenses. XXXXX stated he understood. I would like to note that Mr. Preston picked up XXXXX on the corner of Liberty Avenue and Mallet Street. This intersection is within one hundred feet of the Powderhouse Park which is maintained by the City of Somerville.



Respectfully submitted,





Detective Fernando Cicerone #279


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