Letter to the Editor:But Don’t All Lives Matter?

Dear Somerville Speak Up Line,

We already live in a politically charged climate. Unfortunately we now live in a racist climate as well. 

The elephant in the
room thats causing the problem is the “BLACK LIVES MATTER” banner on city hall! All lives matter peroid. We were taught this in kindegarten its as simple as sharing we are all equal. 

The banner is a blight to the city. It causes a lack of trust in the
Somerville PD. Because of a Shooting in Florida in 2012 this movement was created. The mission statement for “Black Lives Matter” is this:”BLack Lives Matter
is a chapter based national orginization working for the validity of Black Life. We are working to rebuild the Black Liberation Movement.” 

It is seen by many as a slight against anyone who is not black! Last year there was ambush-style murders agianst police in Baton Rouge, Louisiana and Dallas, Texas. Do we want to condone this type of behavior? Somerville is a
nice tight knight community, where you can’t go anywhere without seeing someone you know in the city.

 What if those riots happend here? How would you feel as a citizen of Somerville if you didnt say anything about the banner on city hall! We are a very multicultural city and I know im not alone in beliving that all lives matter. 

In Texas on July 7 , 2016 there were 5 officers killed and multiple injured. In Baton Rouge three offficers were killed. Theres no reason at all to have that banner on city hall except
to incite racial tension. 

The Police officers in Somerville are great people they help people on and off duty. There are
many people who can tell you how they were helped in one or another by a member of the SPD. 

Keeping the banner up on city hall is an insult to all the residents of Somerville. Especially our first responders who risk there lives to help the
citizens of this great city!
Please Mr. Mayor, take that banner down,

Francis Burke

2 thoughts on “Letter to the Editor:But Don’t All Lives Matter?”

  1. All lives do matter…it’s just that society seems to have forgotten about the African American community’s lives and need to be reminded on a daily basis

  2. Waaah, it’s so tough being white. Black people have to deal with racism almost every day, but what about me, me, me?

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