Somerville’s Cobble Hill Seniors Enjoy Holiday Inn Pool and Pizzas for Party 

By Martin Polignone

This past week the elder residents of Cobble Hill Apartments enjoyed the invitation of Holiday Inn general manager Ryan Burkart for a pizza and dessert buffet, with a movie screening of La La Land and for those brave enough a dip in the hotel pool. 

Residents Mary Ann Smith, Henry Ferriera , and Susan Biancardi (pictured) sat down with Mr Burkard as did many other neighbors and remarked what a great relationship the hotel has with the elder community as a good neighbor now and in the past. 

Under the new ownership and Burkard’s tenure, the hotel has provided cakes to Cobble Hill, hosted fantastic holiday parties, and provided a complementary ice cream truck to visit the elders last summer that served many that could not get out due to their infirmities. “We need to do even more “said Mr. Burkard as the evening came to a close and take out containers were handed out and goodie bags with treats as well.

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