Letter to the Editor:Let’s Wait and See If This Connected Developer Gets A Free Pass?

Dear Somerville Speak Up Line:

Congratulations to the popular and well connected developers that are purchasing the Shield Service Station property on Broadway!
Recently the Shield Service Station that’s located at 620 Broadway in Somerville next to the Somerville DAV went under agreement this week to be sold for development. 
These developers are some of the same key players and the same developers that are involved on the one on Boston Avenue controversy including a former Somerville elected official. 
 Let’s keep a close eye on this development as it goes forward and let’s wait and see if it gets a series of green lights and special treatment to go forward to build what whatever they want.  
I’ll bet you my bottom city paycheck dollar that the man in the corner office and as you call them his “Henchmen on the Top Floor” will turn their backs so that this one won’t become a stalled development?

Thank you Somerville News Weekly for finally coming around to the people’s side and reporting the truth about these city hall backdoor dealings!

PS: They must’ve really pissed you off to go against them but thank you!
An Honest and Dedicated City of Somerville Employee 

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