My Mother And Her Tree by Ward 2 Alderman Maryann Heuston

To all the Mom’s out there- Happy Mother’s day 

When I think of my Mom, the image that comes to mind is her digging in her garden tending to the Rose of Sharon bushes and priding herself on the early gladiolas and crocuses that came up in abundance, but trees were her passion.
My Mother’s Tree

Her chance for a tree of her own came with her marriage and move to Somerville and a backyard that already housed two trees, but that was not enough for mom, so when a contractor asked her if she wanted the Blue Spruce sapling he had salvaged from another job, she readily accepted. She assembled her planting crew, me and my sister, and we are memorialized in home movies planting that blue spruce which eventually grew to 40 ft.
The existing Canadian Maple and Oak were also lovingly cared for but her pride and joy was the Japanese Maple my sister and I bought for her one Mother’s Day. Not a common choice for an urban setting, and a challenge to grow, but mom was always up for a challenge. With care, the tree turned out to be spectacular and was named one of the “Great Trees of Somerville” which was the icing on the cake for her.
Mom passed in the spring of 2007. The majestic Blue Spruce succumbed to disease as did the Canadian Maple despite much care and expense.
But the Japanese Maple still stands in all of its blazing glory front and center on Beacon street for all to see and enjoy. Passersby comment and take pictures and I like to think that my mom’s spirit lives in that tree and the message it sends that trees are important, especially for a city girl.

Maryann For Ward 2 Alderman

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