Somerville News Weekly’s Top 5 Comments of the Week!

“I can’t take my dogs out at night because of the rodent problem in Somerville. I hate trump and am very active in the “resistance”. But mayors get elected to take car of local issues, not be on Fox News.. Do something about the rats…”


Haha will the real mayor please stand up. Somerville insiders know that Stan ” boss hog” Koty is making most of the decisions or at least advising on all of them.

He’s trying to make a big name for himself with the Democratic party. Too bad he is doing it at the expense of the residents he forgets he is supposed to represent

Remember when the riot broke out at the Holiday Inn and in the streets. Shooting guns and assaults on police? Were the people arrested that night illegal Aliens?


Because somerville was built with LEGAL immigrants who came here, learned the language, got jobs, bought homes and paid taxes. Illegals are here against the law. Come here legally. The taxpayers pay for them. Curtatone is slapping the faces of all the legals and citizens. It ridiculous.

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