Was It Written Somewhere In The Oath?

By William Tauro 

With all this controversy about sanctuary cities and whether it’s legal or not and whether it’s even a sanctuary city or not, is a police officer’s oath of office being violated in this?
Well here’s a question for our men and woman that are out there in law enforcement as well as for smart open minded normal people that understand the laws of this government.  
Does anyone remember ever taking an oath to enforce that reads you must enforce the laws that a governor or a mayor could create?
The oath that law enforcement officers all across our nation took was not selective. 
For many of you that took it, it may of been quite awhile ago, but it didn’t allow an officer to select the laws that he or she would enforce, nor did it say anything about not cooperating with federal law enforcement.
Doesn’t it read to uphold the laws and Constitution of the Commonwealth and of the United States?
The oath also calls police officers to “hold individuals accountable for their actions, to uphold the Constitution and serve their communities and agencies. Police officers are not authorized to fulfil their duties until they have been sworn in and taken the oath of office.”
To have someone in authority suggest otherwise could rise to interfering in a criminal investigation or even conspiracy to do so. 
Does this sound like a case of obstruction of Justice?
Only if we could see a couple of politicians be charged and end this travesty. 
Seriously, for a law enforcement officer, you take an oath to enforce the laws, then a mayor or governor tells you which Laws to enforce.  
Does this mean that some ballsy patrol officer can lock up a mayor for obstruction? Maybe?
“On my honor,

I will never betray my badge1,

my integrity, my character, 

or the public trust.

I will always have 

the courage to hold myself 

and others accountable for our actions.

I will always uphold the constitution2

my community3 and the agency I serve.”

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