Reality Bites by James A. Norton:Meet Our New President Donald J. Trump

You remember that time you were on a first name basis with a President-Elect because you endorsed him when nobody else would and from one of the most liberal cities in the entire country?
No? Oh, trust us, it’s a very good check in the “win” column on that one. People thought we were nuts (and still do, clearly) when we were enthusiastic about Donald Trump running for President so many months ago and then coming out and openly endorsing him – we endorsed him before he was the Republican Nominee – in fact, we were the only newspaper publication at that time who came out and endorsed him. The only one. Literally.
Guess what? He noticed.
Then in the days leading up to Election Day, we stayed in the deep end of the pool, smack in the middle of liberal heaven, and endorsed Donald Trump again. Guess what? He noticed again..and then he won. 
Not for nothing, but that makes us giggle like school kids. Seriously.
Over the better part of the last year, we took some heat locally over endorsing Donald Trump, but not really. There were people who heard the reasoning behind him running for President. I have joked over the years about the “Pod People” and referenced Body Snatchers here and there – but not everyone is really like that, not even in the land of the liberals. There are people who want change – who don’t want the business as usual party politics.
You have to understand (or come to grips with) that there is a large part of the population that actually wants to see change in the status quo of what goes on in Washington D.C. People forget how popular Ross Perot was as a third party candidate in 1992. As a third party candidate.
Well, it’s 2016 and a third party candidate wasn’t going to make it this year. Something needed to either energize the two parties and polarize each of them, or cause them to implode. Without going into the long and short of it – that is exactly what happened – they imploded to a certain extent. The Republicans nominated someone who wasn’t married to their party (thank God) and the Democrats first screwed over Bernie and then showed their teeth when the going got tough. As a result, both parties will now need to heal and with that, bring change to their way of politicking – or die. 
The good news is we are all winners. Even the party that lost, because Democracy shone through the storm and gave us all a chance to have some real change. There are people who think that the world is going to end and everyone is going to be rounded up and deported and markets will crash and the world will hate our country. News flash – they already hate us, and it’s not because of who is President.
Also, if you are one of the people who honestly are grief stricken because you think millions of people will be left without insurance on Monday morning, January 23rd 2017, that millions of people will be ripped from their homes and deported, that the economy will crash overnight and that equal rights for gender and sexual preference will be negated (along with the reversal of Roe v Wade) – then you really do need counseling. Not for all those things, but, because you have officially become a card carrying member of the completely delusional and you need to defect immediately.
Seriously. You can’t exercise all the rights and priviledges afforded you under the umbrella of the democratic process and then decide you won’t accept it when it doesn’t go your way. Stop teaching your kids that it’s ok to do that. It’s really not. It’s not ok to point the finger and falsely accuse someone of instigating race riots, and then go do exactly that when it doesn’t go your way. Stop it.
Blame the mainstream media. Blame the Koch Brothers. Blame George Soros. Blame either political party. Just don’t blame Donald Trump because he wants to bring change that most people want to have happen. Don’t blame this newspaper for saying what you were afraid to say a long time ago and we stuck to our guns – it’s time for change, it’s time to make America great again. It doesn’t stand a chance if you’re not going to at least give it a chance. #GTBTP

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