Tim’s “Setting the Record Straight”

It’s unfortunate that despite running three campaigns for office in the past five years, Tim’s opponent still hasn’t let go of the negative campaign tactics that the Cambridge Chronicle said left them feeling “swindled” in 2012. Voters in Somerville and Cambridge deserve facts, not distortions. That’s why progressive organizations like Planned Parenthood, MassEquality, and the Environmental League of Massachusetts have taken deep dives into Tim’s record and are lining up to support him.  
When ratings from the Progressive Massachusetts 2015-2016 scorecard put Tim in the top 11% of House members on tough progressive votes, it’s understandable that some voters are scratching their heads about the differences between the candidates in this election. (http://www.progressivemass.com/189thscorecard-house) Tim’s work ethic, experience, and effectiveness have shown that he is still the right choice for our community, and his track record of integrity and personal leadership on progressive issues make him the standout candidate. Please remember to vote this Thursday, September 8th!

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