Real Life Somerville Police Stories:Mathew NICHOLLS (Shoplifting, A&B on Police Officer & Warrants) Assembly Row Somerville

On 6/2/16 at approximately 12:52 PM, I, Detective Mark Pulli, was at 133 Middlesex Ave, Sports Authority, to meet with Loss Prevention personnel XXXXX and YYYYY regarding video evidence related to an ongoing investigation.


XXXXX provided me with a copy of a surveillance video, and as I was leaving the store, he informed me that YYYYY called him and informed him that he observed a male that he recognized from previous incidents in the store. YYYYY observed the male, later identified as Matthew Nicholls, select a Coleman 4 person tent, valued at $89.99. YYYYY stated he directly observed Nicholls open the tent bag and conceal the tent canvas in his backpack. He continued to watch as Nicholls then concealed the tent poles under his shirt. XXXXX stated he would be waiting at the exit doors for Nicholls to leave.


I remained on the sidewalk in front of the store as XXXXX attempted to apprehend Nicholls as he exited the store making no attempt to purchase the item. XXXXX identified himself and asked Nicholls to accompany him to the security office. Nicholls quickly turned away from him and began to walk toward me. With my department issued police badge clearly displayed on my chest I stated that I was Somerville Police and ordered Nicholls to stop. At that time Nicholls took his backpack off and ran at me, grabbing me by both my arms and attempted to through me to the ground. I continued to state that I was the police as I grabbed hold of Nicholls and struggled to keep him from tackling me to the ground. I continued to physically struggle with Nicholls while issuing verbal commands for him to stop and get on the ground. I was able to pick Nicholls up off his feet and bring him to the ground. Nicholls landed on his back and continued to fight me swinging his arms at me and twisting his body trying to get free as I continued to issue verbal commands for him to stop fighting and to lie on his stomach. XXXXX and YYYYY assisted me as I tried to maintain control of Nicholls. XXXXX struck Nicholls in the side of the head which distracted Nicholls long enough for me to control his right arm and place a handcuff on him. I then maintained control of Nicholls right arm and ordered him to bring his left arm out from underneath him and place it behind his back. Nicholls complied and I was able to place the second handcuff on his left wrist. 


I called Somerville Control and requested additional units. Alpha Units 2/3, Officers Messaoudi and Sousa arrived and we escorted Nicholls to the store security office. Nicholls stated he was not injured and refused medical attention.


Once in the security office, Nicholls was positively identified. A CJIS/RMV query showed that Nicholls had 8 outstanding arrest warrants.


At this time Nicholls was placed under arrest and transported to the Somerville Police Department via the mobile detention unit and placed through the booking process according to department police by Lt. A. Rymill.


Nicholls is being charged with Shoplifting by Asportation MGL c266 s30A and Assault and Battery on a Police Officer MGL 265 s13D.


Respectfully Submitted,

Detective Mark Pulli #311


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