Real Life Somerville Police Stories:Mark Wheeler (A&B, Malicious Defacement of Property)



  On 01/29/2016, I was assigned in uniform to marked unit East 2. At 2319 hrs, I along with several units responded to 70 Line Street for the report of a male that just threw an object through a glass window. Upon arrival, I observed a group of males that were surrounding a male, later identified as Mark Wheeler, in the area of 50 Line Street. I then made my way to the group of males to see what was happening. Once I approached the group of several males, they began to advise me that the drunk male, identified as Mark Wheeler, threw a chair through the glass panel of the front door to 70 Line Street and tackled one of the males on scene who was surrounding him. At this point I approached Wheeler and placed him into handcuffs for safety reasons. The males that detained Wheeler until Police arrived were identified as XXXXX (DOB XX/XX/XX), YYYYY (DOB XX/X/XX), ZZZZZ (DOB XX/XX/XX), and AAAAA (DOB XX/XX/XX).


  I then pulled AAAAA aside to find out what had happened. AAAAA advised me that he was on the first floor of the residence, at his friend’s apartment, and that he had heard someone pounding and yelling from the exterior front door. AAAAA then exited the first floor and approached the front door of the residence to see who was yelling and pounding on the front door. Once AAAAA came to the front door of the residence, he advised me that Wheeler smashed the glass panel to the front door for no reason at all with an unknown object and began to leave the front stairs, walking down Line Street. At this point AAAAA and his friend XXXXX, who lives on the first floor, along with YYYYY and ZZZZZ who were on the second floor and had heard all the commotion came outside to assist AAAAA and XXXXX with Wheeler. Once Wheeler was approached by the group of males, Wheeler became angry and charged at XXXXX, tackling him down to the ground. At this point I spoke to Wheeler to get his side of what happened. The conversation with Wheeler got nowhere, as he was heavily intoxicated. At this point I placed wheeler under arrest.


  Marked Detention transport unit #200 was then requested to transport Wheeler back to the Somerville Police Station so that he can be processed according to department procedure by Lt. Lavey.


  Wheeler who was intoxicated is not known to anybody of 70 Line Street. The home owner BBBBB will be notified by AAAAA of the damage to the front door. A picture of the damage will also be attached to this report


Respectfully Submitted,


Officer Jason Costa #301

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