Real Life Somerville Police Stories:Ailton ORNELEZ (B&E MV, Credit Card Larceny)

On Wednesday, January 27, 2016, I Officer Jacquet and Officer Perrone were in full uniform and assigned to marked unit 874. At approximately 7:34 PM we were dispatched to 182 Broadway for report of a breaking and entering of a motor vehicle (in progress).

     Upon arrival we encountered multiple people at the scene. They were later identified as XXXXX, Mr. Ailton Ornelez and YYYYY. XXXXX, who was later identified as the Victim, approached me initially while Officer Perrone spoke to Mr. Ornelez. Mr. Ornelez apparently started to confess about stealing the property from XXXXX’s van. Officer Perrone stopped Mr. Ornelez before he could go into detail about that incident and informed Mr. Ornelez of his Miranda rights. Officer Perrone later informed me that Mr. Ornelez had admitted to going inside the unlocked van and said that he stole XXXXX’s wallet.

     XXXXX told me that at approximately 6:30 PM he noticed his company van (which was parked on Dartmouth Street in Somerville) had been broken into. XXXXX immediately noticed that his wallet was missing from the van. He contacted YYYYY, his partner, through his employer (Classic Service INC) to report that his wallet had stolen from his company van. He also relayed that his company credit card may potentially be at risk of fraudulent charges.


    YYYYY logged into their Bank Of America business account to check if charges had been made. A total of six charges from six different merchants totaling $252.17 were “processing” on their business credit card that had been inside of XXXXX’s wallet. YYYYY provided me with a report detailing the charges. The following is the sequential order of the fraudulent charges.

     1. Shivalic Food and Supply Somerville MA $41.80

     2. EL Valle DE LA Sultana Somerville MA $41.96

     3. Dunkin Donuts Somerville MA $40.00

     4. Tikal Uniform Somerville MA $65.00

     5. Liquor Zone INC Somerville MA $44.04

     6. Nucleo Sportanguista Somerville MA $19.37

     XXXXX stated that he was informed by YYYYY that the last place there was activity on the card was Nucleo Sportanguista (sports bar). XXXXX decided to go there to see if he could locate his card. He said that the learned from the bartender that a tab had been opened with the card and noticed Mr. Ornelez fleeing from the bar. XXXXX said that he chased Ornelez and eventually caught him at 182 Broadway. Mr. Ornelez was allegedly in possession of his wallet at that time and pleaded with him not to call the police because “they were both Brazilian”.

     I interviewed Mr. Ornelez, who stated that he stole the wallet because he had “no food, no job, no nothing”. Mr. Ornelez admitted to opening the door of XXXXX’s van and taking the wallet and making the fraudulent charges on XXXXX company credit card. Mr. Ornelez made a comment in his native language which was translated by YYYYY as well as XXXXX. They explained to Officer Perrone and I that Mr. Ornelez had said (in a threatening manner) that he knew who they were and that he would come for them.

     Mr. Ornelez was placed under arrest for the charges of Breaking and Entering of a Motor Vehicle, Larceny Over $250, Larceny of a Credit Card and Witness Intimidation. 


Respectfully submitted,


Officer Orlando Jacquet #331

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