This Tuesday, November 3, is election day. Turnout is expected to be at an all time low, but this election could be one of the most important elections in Somerville’s history. The reason is that the new Board of Aldermen will be dealing with proposed zoning that could forever change the nature of Somerville. Our community has become incredibly attractive to real estate developers because of the demand for residential housing. This creates both opportunity and danger. The opportunity is that it can transform substandard property, vacant land, or abandoned industrial uses to developments that can improve the neighborhood and provide quality and affordable housing. We need good commercial development to bring jobs and help reduce property taxes . The risk is that we end up with tall and dense residential buildings that are out of character with the neighborhood. These could then adversely effect the neighborhoods that they are located in and drive long-term residents out. This, in turn, could forever change the quality of our city as we would become more and more transient with less children in our schools and fewer folks who care or even know their neighbors. For more information about my candidacy, here is my campaign web site: and 

here is a link to an interview on Somerville Cable with Joe Lynch from a couple of weeks ago: 

I would appreciate your consideration for one of your 4 votes for alderman at large.

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