Real Life Somerville Police Stories:SEXUAL CONDUCT FOR FEE Arrest c272 S53A



On 10/14/15 around 2:30 p.m., members of the Somerville Police Vice/Narcotics Unit established surveillance of 153 Perkins Street in preparation of executing search warrant 1510SW0069. 


For several weeks, the Somerville Police Vice/Narcotics unit has been conducting an ongoing investigation into the criminal offense of sexual conduct for a fee. As part of this investigation, an undercover Detective responded to a full service massage ad by contacting the phone number XXX-XXX-XXXX. Via phone, a female confirmed the massage appointment and texted him the location of 153 Perkins Street. She also indicated a rate of $160 for full service. The Detective inquired what “full service” meant, the female stated “everything”.


For safety of the UC, the Detective’s activities were monitored via a listening device which he had on his person. After the female initiated sexual contact with the Detective, he provided a code word for the entry team to enter the residence. At approximately 2:40 – 2:45pm, Somerville Police Detectives along with members of Homeland Security, and Massachusetts Division of Professional Licensing approached the front door of 153 Perkins Street and made a knock and police announcement. After getting no response, Detective Capasso discovered the front door to be locked and made a second announcement. Due to the fact that nobody answered the door, and an undercover officer being inside the residence, we effected a forced entry. Upon entering the apartment, Detective Capasso observed an Asian female, later identified as Yi Ping Li, running toward the back door located in the kitchen. Detective Capasso quickly apprehended Ms. Li and secured her in the dining room.


Officer Diaz, along with members of the entry team, forced open a locked bedroom door where the undercover officer and an Asian female later identified as Ms. Huayang Gou were located. Ms. Gou was secured and handcuffed in the bedroom.


Pursuant to the search warrant, a thorough search of the apartment was then conducted. As a result of that search, a larger number of condoms and sexual lubricants were located in three separate bedrooms. In addition, detectives also located two ledgers on the kitchen table which referenced times and dollar amounts. I would like to point out that the majority of amounts indicated were consistent with what the undercover officer was quoted and paid to Ms. Gou. Next to this ledger was a I-Phone which Ms. Li indicated belonged to her. Also located in the same room were two utility bills addressed to Ms. Li with a residential address of 153 Perkins Street. Both Ms. Gou and Ms. Li were read their Miranda Rights utilizing an interpreter service available to the Homeland Security Agents. They were also interviewed with the assistance of that same service. Ms. Li indicated during her interview that she and Ms. Li rented the apartment as roommates. When Ms. Li was asked about all the men visiting the house, she indicated that they were there to see Ms. Gou. When asked how many men Ms. Gou had seen today, Miss Li stated “maybe three.” Upon being told that she was being placed under arrest, Ms. Li stated “when this happen before the police don’t take us to precinct, they just tell us no more men.” 


Based on the evidence found during our search, as well as the solicitation of the undercover officer, Ms. Gou was arrested and charged with Sexual Conduct for a Fee. Ms. Li was arrested and charged with Knowingly Permitting Premises to be Used for Prostitution. Both females were transported to the police station via the transport wagon. Once there, they were booked and informed of their rights by Lt. Sheehan. 



Respectfully submitted,



Detective Guerdy Legros #280

Somerville Police Dept



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