Letter from the Editor:Highway Robbery, Hijacked Parking Spaces in Somerville



We would like to thank all of you who posted to this article, the Somerville Board of Alderman and to the army of angry business owners and residents that marched into city hall at the Alderman’s meeting on Thursday night and spoke up and defeated this outrageous and unfair order. And a special thank you goes out to Ward 2 Alderman Maryann Heuston for sponsoring and Ward 5 Alderman Mark Neidagang for co-sponsoring the board order to help move this forward!

The signs have been ordered to be taken down within 48 hours and parking is allowed there once again for the people and businesses who reside there.

The people of Somerville have spoken, their voices heard and will not be walked on.

We complement the mayor for all his hard work and effort for all that he and his administration have done to make Somerville the greatest city on the planet but unfortunately someone dropped the ball on this one that could have caused a ripple effect of destruction to many Somerville residents, local businesses and a Somerville neighborhood.

Municipalities and government should be more transparent to the public and do less what they want and when they want. They should properly notify, consult and address the people of Somerville to see what their needs are and work with them before idiotic orders like this parking restriction ruin and destroy local neighborhoods and small businesses in our city.

Thank you,

William Tauro, Publisher
The Somerville News Weekly

Read the article: https://thesomervillenewsweekly.blog/2015/06/23/highway-robery-hijacked-parking-spaces-in-somerville/comment-page-1/#comment-10783

Also noted at the state house just last week, that municipal legal notices to advise residents regarding situations like this should be properly advertised and posted for all to see:

Beacon Hill Roll Call
Volume 40-Report No.25
June 22-26, 2015

THE HOUSE AND SENATE: Beacon Hill Roll Call records the votes of local representatives on roll calls from the week of June 22-26. There were no roll calls in the Senate last week.

House 153-0, approved and sent to the Senate a bill that would require newspapers that are paid to publish official state and local public notices in the paper’s print edition to also include them on the paper’s website at no additional cost. The measure also requires the papers to include the notices, at no extra charge, on a new statewide website, created and operated by a joint venture of Massachusetts newspapers.

Supporters said that readership of print copies of newspapers is way down and public notices in these papers are never seen by the majority of people. They argued the addition of the papers’ websites and a new statewide website would result in many more people seeing these important notices.

(A “Yes” vote is for the bill.)

Rep. Christine Barber Yes Rep. Denise Provost Yes Rep. Timothy Toomey Yes

Photos by David Tauro





Letter From Núcleo Sportinguista Da Area De Somerville

On behalf of Núcleo Sportinguista Da Area De Somerville, we would like to sincerely thank the following:

● Ward 2 Alderman Maryann Heuston
● Ward 4 Alderman Tony Lafuente
● The Entire City of Somerville Board of Aldermen
● State Representative Timothy J. Toomey

Due to the tireless dedication and combined efforts of the above named individuals, off-street resident parking on McGrath Highway, between Washington Street & Somerville Avenue, was reinstated last Friday, June 26th.

We also want to recognize and thank our neighbors – the local businesses and residents in the neighborhood, as well as our loyal club members and their families – we cannot thank you enough for your past, current and continued support.



Paulo Bizarria

Jose Carlos Medeiros

Luis Bizarria

And the rest of the club directors.

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