Real Life Somerville Police Stories:shoplifting and three counts of assault with a dangerous weapon ,the weapon being a knife



I was in uniformed patrol in East 2.I was dispatched to 400 Somerville Ave the Market Basket for a shoplifter who had threatened the employees and was being followed by store employees. I responded with Officer Guillen. The suspect had also threatened to cut the employees when they tried to stop him.

I went down Lake street and did not see anyone and so I went to the Market Basket, while Officer Guillen in cruiser East three continued to search. Upon arrival I spoke to Manager Joseph Amaral who told me that a man had threatened to cut him and Assistant Manager Joe Pacheco when they tried to stop him from leaving.
While I was talking with Mr. Amaral Officer Guillen had radioed in that he was with two Market Basket Employees and had the suspect in custody. Myself and Officer Schneider in East one responded to Officer Guillen who was behind 21 Lake Street. I spoke with Merchandiser Steven Poste and to Assistant Manager
Joseph Pacheco who both positively identified Mr.Herman Blanco as being the person who threatened them and also was the one who shoplifted a carriage worth of groceries.
Mr. Blanco was observed on tape leaving the Market Basket without paying for his groceries. He was observed by Bagger xxxx in the parking lot with un bagged groceries which is a sign that they were shoplifted. xxxxx reported this to Front End Manager Karl who spotted Mr.Blanco outside the store with a carriage of un bagged groceries.Ms. Hernandez approached Mr.Blanco who pretended that he was looking for a receipt which he did not have,Ms.Hernandez phoned her manager for assistance.
Mr. Amaral and Mr. Pacheco came out of the store to assist Ms. Hernandez . Mr. Blanco left the carriage and started to leave when Manager Mr. Amaral and Asst. Manager Mr. Pacheco asked him to stop he told them to stay away from him or he would cut them.Mr. Amaral and Mr. Pacheco backed off.
Mr. Poste who is a Merchandiser for the Market Basket tried to stop Mr. Blanco further ahead in the parking lot. Mr. Blanco reached toward his left side as if he had a weapon and told Mr.Poste to step back or he would cut him. Mr.Poste backed off.
The police were called and Mr.Poste and Mr. Pacheco knowing that the police were called decided to follow the suspect. They saw the suspect head down Somerville ave and go down a side street which was Kilby.Mr.Poste went toward Kilby and Mr.Pacheco went toward Lake knowing the side streets went into Lake street. Mr. Pacheco did not see the suspect on Lake,he turned and spotted the suspect behind 21 Lake Street . He was in the driveway when Officer Guillen pulled onto Kilby which abuts 21 Lake Street and was flagged down by Mr. Pacheco who also pointed toward the suspect who was still there.
Mr. Pacheco and Mr. Poste both positively identified Mr. Blanco but they said he had changed his clothes. He is on tape with a black New York Yankees cap,blue shorts and a white shirt. Inside the knapsack was a black Yankees cap and a white shirt and blue shorts,also there was a camouflage
vest which Officer Schneider found a black handled folding knife.
Officer Paveo while doing inventory on Mr. Blanco’s belongings found a kitchen knife in the back pack of Mr.Blanco. I have charged Mr. Blanco with shoplifting and three counts of assault with a dangerous weapon ,the weapon being a knife.The kitchen knife has a black handle.
Respectfully Submitted
Officer Anthony M. Manzelli B189

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