Union Square Station Associates (US2) Presents Progress Report To Somerville Redevelopment Authority

Highlights Community Engagement, Planning, Job Creation

Somerville, MA — At the Somerville Redevelopment Authority’s May meeting, Union Square Station Associates (US2), Somerville’s master developer partner for Union Square, presented a progress report to the Board..

Greg Karczewski, president of US2, highlighted the developer’s community engagement activities, planning and pre-development actions, job creation efforts and next steps. “Working in partnership with the City of Somerville and the city’s residents, businesses, and stakeholders, US2 has made tremendous progress toward delivering on our commitment to design a Union Square that lives up to the community’s vision, values and priorities,” said Karczewski. “We look forward to continuing our collaboration and working to bring Somerville’s ideas to life.”

“The SRA Board was very pleased by US2’s presentation and grateful for their responsiveness,” said Nancy Busnach, chair of the SRA. “We look forward to them returning to keep us abreast of these exciting plans.”

Presentation Highlights:

· Community Engagement: US2 has hosted, sponsored and had a presence at numerous community events with the goal of generating conversation, ideas and feedback from residents’ about their vision for Union Square. Starting with a kick-off event in August of last year, US2 continued its community outreach by participating in the farmer’s market and Fluff and Harvest Festivals. They have also participated in hundreds of individual and small group discussions with stakeholders.

· Planning and Pre-Development: US2 sponsored and presented at ten different Somerville By Design meetings where residents gathered to learn about and share their priorities for the Union Square redevelopment. As a response to feedback received during those discussions, US2 significantly revised the neighborhood planning sequence. US2 has also worked with the MBTA to coordinate development with the opening of the Union Square T Station in early 2018, and performed other critical due diligence and infrastructure planning.

· Job Creation: In response to community feedback and in deference to Somerville’s comprehensive plan, SomerVision, US2 has put a focus on making Union Square an employment center. The developer has conducted extensive studies to assess the job market, including analyzing 320 other metropolitan areas in order to draw informed conclusions about generating new employment opportunities in Union Square. It has also sponsored a business roundtable, a small business assistance program and is establishing a partnership to offer coworking space in the neighborhood.

The full slide show can be found here.


Union Square Station Associates (US2) has been selected by the Somerville Redevelopment Authority (SRA) as the master developer partner for the Union Square revitalization plan.

The development team is working in partnership with the City of Somerville, SRA, Civic Advisory Committee, current property owners and the Union Square community to design and implement the redevelopment of seven development blocks identified in the state-approved Union Square Revitalization Plan.

US2 is working to achieve the goals outlined by the community in SomerVision – creating new jobs, public green spaces and homes within a range of affordability in Union Square while preserving the historical character and “funkiness” that everybody loves today.

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