Real Life Somerville Police Stories:Unarmed Robbery of a Parking Pass



On the above date and time while assigned to cruiser West Six, I was dispatched to the above address for a dispute.

Upon my arrival, alone with West Seven, I met with the Victim, who stated he was out front of his house saying bye to his girlfriend and when she was gone the suspect, Matthew Carey, walked up to xxxxx and got in his face. This paniced xxxxx because the suspect was just standing out front of 18 Lowden and then walked up to Mr. xxxxx and Mr. xxxxx walked into his house and Mr. Carey followed Mr. xxxxxxx into his common area.

Mr Carey then stole xxxxxxx parking pass out of his hand and took a swing at Mxxxxxx not hitting him. Mr. Carey then walked next door to number 18 Lowden and Mr.xxxxxx feared for his own safety to pursue him.

When I knocked on the door at number 18, Mr. Carey answered and was immediately identified by Mr.xxxxxx as the person who robbed him. Parking pass was recovered and taken as evidence.

Suspect was arrested and charged with Chap 265 Sec 19 Robbery, unarmed. Mr. Carey was tranported by transport

Sergeant Michael Kiely
Office of The Chief
Homeland Security & Emergency Management

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