Real Life Somerville Police Stories:somerville Police Officers Assaulted


On April 20th 2015, I, Officer Kevin Shackelford along with my partner Officer Alan Monaco were working a two man marked unit East #1. At approximately 9:20am Somerville Marked Unit East #2 began to track a Lo-Jack Code “ACAN8” in the area of Prospect St. in the City of Somerville. When Somerville Control queried Lo-Jack Code “ACAN8”, it replied back as an active code for a stolen red 2009 Honda Pilot Massachusetts Registration #RS5984 (NCIC#V287456701, OCA#15-7416, reported stolen out of the Town of Watertown). According to the Criminal Justice Information System, the vehicle was to be held for latent fingerprints per the request of the Watertown Police.

Officer Monaco and I responded to the area of Prospect St. to assist in the search utilizing our Cruiser equipped Lo-Jack Unit. While we were conducting our search, we were able to narrow down the location in the Concord St. and Prospect St. area in the City of Somerville. During the search of the side streets (approximately 9:44am), Officer Monaco turned onto Bolton St. (public way in the City of Somerville) when we observed the red Honda Pilot Massachusetts Registration #RS5984 parked across from 14 Bolton St. in the City of Somerville. When we drove by the vehicle it appeared that it was unoccupied, but when we approached on foot we observed a male sleeping in the back seat. Officer Monaco approached from the passenger side and I approached from the drivers side. After a couple of seconds, this male jumped up and moved from one side of the vehicle to the other, looking around for an escape route. He eventually unlocked the rear passenger door on the driver’s side as if he was to comply with my verbal commands. Once he exited the vehicle, he violently shoved me and attempted to push me backwards. When I attempted to gain control of him, he pulled out of his shirt and began to flee on foot. Just as he pulled away, Officer Monaco grabbed a hold of him and tried to take him to the ground. While trying to bring him to the ground, he struck Officer Monaco and I several times with his elbows as violently tried to escape. When we were able to get him to the ground, he began to kick and push back up. I then attempted to utilize my department issued baton to control his legs and stop him from kicking both of us. After several failed attempts to control his legs, he began to get back up. I then utilized my Department Issued Pepper Spray. After a burst of pepper spray, we were able to get him onto the ground. With the assistance of Officer Pasqualino we were able to place him under arrest. After the altercation, this individual continuously stated that he was sorry, apologizing for “doing that.” We verbally identified this individual as, Mr. Terrance Morrison (DOB#03/25/1994) of 360 Prospect St. Cambridge MA. I asked Mr. Morrison if he had any personal property in the vehicle that he wished to take with him, he replied nothing in the vehicle was his.

Mr. Morrison was placed under arrest for receiving a stolen motor vehicle, resisting arrest, two counts of assault and battery on a police officer. Mr. Morrison was transported to the Somerville Police Station via Somerville Marked Unit 200, Officer Cabral to be booked by, Lt. Mulchay. A further inquiry revealed Mr. Morrison had four active warrants for his arrest. A the Somerville Police Station, Detective Dottin served Mr. Morrison with a abuse prevention order DOCKET # 1510 RO-0053.

Officer Monaco observed a Valet key to the vehicle on the back seat where Mr. Morrison was lying. Officer Monaco contacted the Watertown Police Department and spoke to Officer Dave Collins. According to Officer Collins, the vehicle in question he wanted to be held for finger prints due to recent motor vehicle breaks. Officer Monaco was informed that the Watertown Police were attempting to locate a Rosery Bead necklace. Officer Monaco informed Officer Collins that during the struggle, a orange Rosery Bead necklace broke from Mr. Morrison’s person. Officer Monaco sent a photograph of the necklace and Officer Collins confirmed that had been taken from a motor vehicle break in his city.

Massachusetts Registration #RS5984 was towed back to the Watertown Police Department. The Rosery Beads and an I-Pod that fell from the vehicle when Mr. Morrison jumped out of the vehicle was tagged as evidence by Officer Monaco.

Respectfully Submitted,

Officer Kevin Shackelford #239

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