Real Life Somerville Police Stories:Larceny Arrests


Donnelly & Laporta arrest

On March 18, 2015 at approximately 10:02 am, I was working in cruiser W6, when dispatched to the area of xx Appleton Street on a report of a suspicious person ringing her door bell.

While en route, Officer Neil Collins had arrived on Appleton St. and observed a white male wearing a black leather jacket and baseball hat run from the area of xx Appleton Street and jump into a greenish blue motor vehicle. This vehicle was being operated by a white female at a high rate of speed with its hazard/flashing lights activated. Officer Collins followed in his personal vehicle and Officer Kim in car W7, stopped vehicle at the intersection of Warner Street and Pearson Rd. Warner St and Pearson Road are both public ways within the city of Somerville. At this point W5 Officer Jones, Sergeant Tam and I arrived at the above location. The Motor vehicle, Massachusetts registration number 5GCM60, was being operated by Ms. Mary Donnelly, S62904094 which was revoked at this time. The male passenger was identified as Mr. William Lapora

Officer Collins and I then cleared the above scene and returned to speak with the reporting person at xx Appleton Street.

I spoke with Ms. xxxxxxxx who stated that her doorbell began ringing and when she asked who is it, the male party stated he was looking for his grandmothers friend, then left. A short time later she observed the unknown male, described as a white male, wearing a black leather jacket and baseball hat, run from the yard of xxxxx Street with an open black bag. He then jumped into a blue motor vehicle which she found suspicious because the operater didn’t even wait until the male closed the door before she sped away at a high rate of speed.

At this time, Off Collins and I were informed via the radio that Officer Kim has a piece of mail in a black bag at the scene of the stop, that has a return name and address of Mr. Xxxxxxxx, xxxxxxxxx Street on it. Officer Collins and I went to xxxxxxx Street on the third floor and spoke with two roommates who were asleep during the incident. I spoke with Mr. Xxxxxxx who stated that his door was unlocked and he noticed that his Play station 4, apple TV, Ipad, a black bag and a Apple Mac Book Pro belonging to his friend Ms. Xxxxxxxxx were missing.

A second roommate, Mr.xxxxxxxxxxx stated his Dell laptop with stickers on cover, was also missing.

A radio confirmation between Collins and Officers at scene of stop, confirmed above property was in the motor vehicle.

I asked Officers at scene of stop, to place Mr. Laporta and Ms. Donnelly under arrest. Due to radio transmission, Ms. Donnelly was allowed to walk from scene but a short time later, I placed her under arrest on Boston Avenue. Ms. Donnelly was ranting on until I asked her to stop while I read her the Miranda warnings from a card. I asked her if she understood everything I read from the card and she stated, “I do.” She then continued talking and stated, “He ran from the house carrying a bag, but I didn’t know what was in it.” I asked Donnelly if Laporta had the bag when she first picked him up and she stated, “no!”

Both Laporta and Donnelly were transported to Somerville Headquarters and booked by Lieutenant Mulcahy for the following charges:

Laporta, 1) B and E Daytime for Felony, c266s18,
2) Receiving stolen property +$250.00, c266s60

Donnelly, 1) B and E Daytime for Felony, c266s18,
2) Receiving Stolen property +$250.00,
3) Operating after License Revocation, 90s23,
4) Speeding, c90s17,
5) Operating with Flashers, c90s7

Detective Faria Photographed above property and will attatch copies and Sergeant Whalen entered all into evidence.

Respectfully Submitted,

Officer Walter J. Collette, Jr.

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