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On the above time and date, I was assigned to marked unit E-2. While traveling South bound on Medford Street, A public way in the city of Somerville, I observed a black Ford
Explorer (MA Reg 1DL239) with a broken drivers side mirror. I activated my emergency light and sirens to stop the MV @ Medford and Ward Street area. At this point I observed that the motor vehicle was occupied by 3 males, at this time I requested backup. Moments later SE (Officer Khoury), and E3 (Officer Goncalves) arrived on scene. Once my back up arrived on scene, I approached the operator Identified as Rafael Caminero (OLN 64851576) and explained the reason for the stop. I then returned to my cruiser and inquired regarding the status of Mr. Caminero Massachusetts drivers license and learned it to be suspended do to payment default for child support. An inquiry made regarding Mr. Caminero board of probation status revealed that Mr. Caminero has a lengthy criminal history that included crimes of violence, and illegal controlled substances. At this point I had Mr. Caminero step out of his car where I Placed him under arrest for operating a motor vehicle with a suspended license.

I then advised Mr. Caminero passengers to exit the vehicle and for them to provide me with Identification due to the fact that they were not wearing seatbelts. The passenger who was sitting on the front passenger side was Identified as Jose Fuentes (DOB 01/31/1985). Mr. Fuentes is known to members of law enforcement due to his reputation involving the personal use and distribution of controlled substances. Mr. Fuentes was issued Citation #R5799427 for not wearing a seatbelt.

The third passenger was identified as Peter Garcia (10/11/1985) who was sitting in the back seat Passenger side. Mr. Garcia is also known to law enforcement for crimes of violence, and illegal controlled substances also. Mr. Garcia was issued Citation # R5799428.

S8 (Sgt. Ward) who also was on scene then gave me permission for a tow, and Pats Tow was then requested. While doing a inventory search incident to arrest, of the Vehicle, I located a black lab top bag on the front passenger side seat. I then opened the bag and observed 8 finger size along with 2 smaller size (Ten Total) clear plastic bags containing what was believed to be Marijuana. I then spoke to Mr. Fuentes who was the passenger in the front seat and asked him if he had any items in the car that belonged to him. Mr. Fuentes advised me that the black lab top bag was his. Due to my training and experience, as well the collective training and experience of other officers at the scene, I opined that the ten bags of marijuana found in the black lab top bag are some of the common ingredients of those associated in the illegal sale and distribution of controlled substances.

Upon discovery of the ten bags of marijuana, and Mr. Fuentes advising me that the black bag was his, he was placed under arrest. Mr. Fuentes, along with Mr. Caminero were then transported to Somerville Police Headquarters via marked unit 200, Officer Ramirez, where they were booked in the usual manner by Lieutenant Campbell. Mr. Caminero black Ford Explorer was towed to Pats Tow and the ten bags of marijuana were placed into evidence. Pictures of the evidence will be attached to this report.

Respectfully submitted,

Officer Jason Costa #301

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