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SOMERVILLE – As the northeast
prepares for a “potentially historic” blizzard beginning on Monday evening, the City of Somerville reminds residents to take important precautions in advance, protecting your family and your home in the event that we experience power outages or other significant impacts that may last for several days.

Winter Storm Juno is predicted to bring more than two feet of snow to the greater Boston area along with damaging wind and serious coastal flooding. Effects from this type of storm may include power outages or downed power lines, roof collapses, accidents or injuries from the extreme cold and icy conditions, and carbon monoxide poisoning, and the aftermath of winter storms can have an impact on a community or the entire region for days or even weeks. Please review the following safety tips and additional resources to help prepare yourself in advance of the storm.

In Advance of a Storm:

Stock an emergency kit with supplies to last three to five days, including a first aid kit, essential medications, non-perishable foods, a manual can opener, water, flashlights and extra batteries, baby-care or pet supplies, blankets and sleeping bags.
Fully charge your portable electronic devices, and conserve battery use for emergencies in case of a power outage.
Check outside fuel exhaust vents, making sure that they are not obstructed by snow or ice.
Ensure smoke and carbon monoxide detectors have batteries and are working.
Consider having extra cash on hand.
Identify fire hydrants before they are covered in snow so you can help dig them out later.

During a Storm:

Stay indoors unless absolutely necessary, and remain off the roads (Governor Baker has declared a travel ban).
Never use cooking equipment intended for outside use indoors as a heat source or cooking device.
Check in on friends, family, and neighbors, particularly elderly residents and/or persons with disabilities.
If you must let your pet(s) outdoors, supervise them and do not allow them to remain outside.
REMEMBER: salt and other ice-removal products can harm your pet’s paws. Wipe their paws after returning indoors.
In the event of major and/or sustained power outages, the City will make plans to open a shelter within the City. Updates will be sent via the City’s mass notification system, police bulletins, and, if necessary, door-to-door visits.

After a Storm:

Be careful when shoveling snow. Over-exertion can lead to extreme injuries or accidents.
Clear exterior exhaust vents, including the tail pipe in your automobile, to prevent Carbon Monoxide poisoning.
Help dig out fire hydrants and storm drains in your neighborhood.
Please report downed wires to 911 and do not touch them.
Be aware of children playing in the streets, climbing on or running out from behind large snow piles. DRIVE SLOWLY.
SAFELY reduce the amount of snow and ice on roofs.
Check on elderly neighbors or those with disabilities, assist with shoveling or other necessary precautions.

Additional Resources:

City of Somerville:
Snow Info:
Up-to-date information:
Non-emergency questions: 617-666-3311
Emergency calls: 9-1-1

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