Assembly Row Somerville:Russ Joyner Pride – A remembrance



By Don Briggs

At the dawn of the New Year we lost a great partner and friend to the community, Russ Joyner. Russ helped to launch and lead the operation of Assembly Row. In a short period of
time he built partnerships throughout the City, the surrounding community and within our burgeoning neighborhood.
He passed on New Year’s Day and with his passing has left those who were close to him celebrating his memory.
Russ spent his entire life leading and setting an example. He believed in the power of team. In his senior year at Boston College he was selected by his teammates as the co-captain of the Boston College football team leading them to the first bowl game in over 40 years. I can only imagine what presence he had in that locker room and am glad that I had him in mine at least for a while.
I am touched by the outpouring of respect and condolences for Russ’ family and our Somerville Federal Realty family by the Somerville community. It is a testament to Russ that he touched so many people in this City. And it is an equal testament to this community that it embraced him so fully.
There is no greater example of the values, spirit, and respect that this community possesses than the actions of Deputy Chief Carrabino who drove from Somerville in full uniform to the Bronx to pay his respects to Russ and his family. He presented Russ’ brother, Dave, with a Somerville Police Department badge in honor of Russ’ memory. His actions truly touched Russ’ family and perfectly represent both the power of Russ’ spirit to build trust, partnership, and friendship and our own community’s embrace of those values.
I am proud to be a part of this community. I am proud to have built a home in New England. I am proud that, together, we are creating a Somerville neighborhood on the Mystic. And I know that Russ is proud too.

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