Real Life Somerville Police Stories


McCutcheon arrest age 24

On the above time and date I was assigned to marked unit East 3. While traveling north bound on Walnut Street, a public way in the city of Somerville, I queried MA registration 459 XA2 From the MDT located in my cruiser. The status of the registration was revoked, due to an insurance cancellation.

I activated my emergency lights and sirens to stop the vehicle in the area of Medford and Walnut Street. I approached the MV, which was occupied by 4 males, and spoke to the operator, Identified as Joshua Mccutcheon the registered owner, Who from now on will be known as the defendant and explained the reason for the stop. East 2 (Officer Ramirez) then arrived on scene as back up.

I then advised the defendant that I would be towing his car due to the fact that it was uninsured. The defendant then became agitated and stated to me that he is from New Hampshire and he does not need insurance to drive his car there.

I then advised the defendant and his three male friends to exit the vehicle as I would be towing it. At this point as the defendant was exiting his vehicle, he began to become more agitated as he was using profane language in a boisterous manner. I then advised the defendant to calm down as he was making a scene, but the defendant continued with his profane laced tirade in a boisterous manner. I would like to note that several attempts were made to calm the defendant down but the defendant continued with his tirade. Based on the defendants lack of cooperation with our requests to calm down he was then placed under arrest for the above referenced charges. I would note also that, throughout this entire incident numerous vehicles slowed down to see what was happening.

Marked transport unit #200 was requested to transport the defendant back to the Somerville Police Station. The defendant was issued citation # R5390075, and his vehicle was towed via Pats Tow.

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