Here’s this Week’s Village Idiot of The Week” Choice and You Decide!


Here’s a good one for the books that just might make your head spin because it certainly made our heads spin for sure!

Whoever the decision maker was on this one sure deserves “The Village Idiot of the Week” title without a doubt!

We heard that a holiday tree was picked out, delivered and installed up at the Somerville High School concours one day last week.

Apparently the tree turned out to be a dog and when the mayor saw it he was very upset over its appearance and said to his dislike for the shape it was in “I’m not paying for this tree!” “Take it down, return it, get rid of it and send us a better one asap!”

We heard that it was left into the hands of somebody up at the DPW who apparently took control and sent out two of his subordinates on a tree hunt to New Hampshire to locate a better tree.

We heard that a better tree was located, ordered and was asked to deliver it to Somerville.

Well apparently here’s how the story supposedly went. They cut the new tree down but they couldn’t get it out of where it was located because it was too big to hoist and get it onto the truck?

So here we are two days before the city’s tree lighting ceremony with no tree.

Ok here’s where the story gets even better.

Whoever the mastermind that was in charge of sending out his subordinates to go shopping for the tree and ordered it must’ve been shopping with his eyes closed and mistakenly had them walk into a jewelry store instead and ordered a solid gold tree?

Because supposedly the price of the tree was completely off the wall and beyond unbelievable!

supposedly the tree was to cost the city $1000.

Supposedly it was another $9000 for shipping and set up fees to get it here and put it up by the tree professionals.

And here’s where it gets even more better, we heard that the person in charge of this project dismissed the DPW crews in advance from decorating it when it was supposedly time for it to arrive in Somerville and ordered a private contractor to do the decorating for God knows how much?

So lets do the math, $1000 for the tree+$9000. shipping and handling+ we don’t know how much the private contractor wanted to charge to decorate the tree but how about let’s guess $5000 to decorate it = $15,000.00 for a Christmas Tree?

Now if this genius doesn’t deserve to be the “Village idiot of the Week”, we don’t know who does so you decide!

This news tip was sent in by our readers!

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