Real Life Somerville Police Stories


Varelas arrest age 26

On the above date I was assigned to routine patrol in sector West car Five. At approximately 2:30 AM I was dispatched to Highland Ave. The Owner of Texas Reg BHJ9944 a gold Toyota Camry, called to say his car was broken into. The caller described
the suspect as a white male x 5’10”, fully bearded, wearing a red sweater or shirt. The Suspect was reported to be heading east on Highland Ave. towards the High school. Off. M. Pulli radioed shortly after that he had a white male stopped, He was located at Highland Ave ..Later identified as the Defendant Andrew Varelas. I observed this individual, he appeared to be intoxicated . I motored back to the owner. On speaking with the victim he explained that he’d just moved from Texas to Somerville and had some furniture left on the front porch to move inside. While in the process he observed the Defendant “acting suspiciously”, around his vehicle which was parked on Highland Ave. The Defendant then got in the passenger side of the car and was rummaging through the vehicle. The victim not wanting to confront him, yelled from the porch, and the suspect got out of the car, and walked down Highland Ave. The victim was given the Identification checklist. Upon observing the suspect on the well lit area of the sidewalk. The victim positively identified the Suspect as being the person that broke into his MV. The Defendant was placed in custody and charged with B and E MV Nighttime. He was transported by Wagon 200.

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